Augmenter le nombre de visites sur une page web avec Visibilidon est une réalité

Increasing the number of visits to a web page with Visibilidon is a reality

Although China is a technological giant, Spain also has professionals capable of propelling companies to the top. websites companies that trust them. Visibility is a team born three years ago, in Girona, Catalonia, as an online store positioning agency to meet the needs of all companies (multinationals or SMEs ) who seek to improve their position in an economic market as competitive and extremely globalized as the current one.

Though there is search engine Like Bing, most internet searches (around 94%) are performed by Google. Thus, Visibilidon is responsible for the creation and maintenance of web pages with WordPress but he is also responsible for its proper optimization in the Google search engine . To achieve maximum website performance, the Catalan team develops strategies focused on three lines of action: SEO, Link Building and Google Ads.

In this way, Visibilidon increases traffic to the company’s website. As the number of people visiting the website increases, the likelihood of attracting new customers also increases. If to this is added a Web Design Simple and intuitive, but also attractive, the loyalty of new customers is assured.

Regarding the methodology that allows them to achieve the previous recruitment and retention objectives, it should be noted that Visibilidon works by collecting data on customer behavior, thus verifying the type of interaction they have with the website of the company, interpreting the compiled information and drawing on all the accumulated experience that its professionals have behind them.

The information that Visibilidon has collected in each of its previous projects, even if they were carried out for other companies, allows them anticipate user needs who visit the website, and even to the requirements of the owning company itself. Only in this way do they achieve the success they have as a Shopify visibility SEO agency, having collaborated with companies and brands such as: Samsung, Naturitas, SKLUM or Clicars (among many others).

How does Visibilidon increase web traffic?


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Visibility, thanks to this optimization and positioning in search engines, it ensures that the company’s website occupies the top positions in the list of results that Google displays whenever someone searches on the Internet.

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Link building

As a strategy Link building , Visibilidon creates hyperlinks (links) that lead to the company’s website. These links are made up of the most searched words on Google. Depending on the business activity of the company and the target audience, the most searched terms may change. Visibilidon is responsible for choosing those which will bring the most visibility to the company and also includes them in the articles published in means of communication of the professional sector of the company. Thus, the company benefits from additional visibility and strengthens its online presence, appearing in publications published by other websites and communication channels.

Google Ads

This is the third major asset of Visibilidon. This is a tool created by Google. Google Ads allow design banners advertisement which will then appear in certain sections of these websites that display advertising on their pages. This resource is essential for launching successful advertising campaigns and be able to verify the impact that advertisements for the company’s products and services have on the public.

The team that forms Visibilidadon

Visibilidon has young but experienced staff. All the workers who make up the entire team are specialists in their field. The company includes:

  • SEO Consultants
  • Google ADS Consultants
  • Content consultants y Link building
  • Web Consultants
  • Administrative staff

What is also striking about the team is the female presence. Even though the team is well balanced, there are more women than men. In this, they are also innovative.

Concerning the platforms that Visibilidon members are familiar with, we find:

  • WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Shopify
  • Prestashop

What values ​​define Visibilidadon?

The main mission of Visibilidon is to offer Go to the market real for companies that decide to trust this equipment. In marketing, this term refers to the launch of a product or service on the market. For this launch to be effective, Visibilidon establishes a series of main values, and additional ones, which are those that it considers most necessary to promote a successful entry into the market.

To achieve this, they offer services of:

  • Monthly consultation
  • Monthly training
  • Free content
  • videos
  • Practical cases and success stories that serve as motivation for other companies who wish to achieve the same success.
  • Dictionary with clarifying definitions of some web design and marketing industry terms
  • Podcast
  • Where to find the right SEO consultant?

    On the Visibilidon website there is a section with the names and training of some Spanish SEO consultants of which Visibilidon is aware.