Microsoft envisage de lancer Indiana Jones sur PS5

“Indiana Jones on PS5: Microsoft surprises with a shock announcement!”

The next video game adventure featuring cinema’s most famous archaeologist, Indiana Jones, may not be a total exclusive for Xbox consoles. Indeed, the game, currently in development at Bethesda, would also be launched on Sony’s PlayStation 5.

It appears that part of the game plan for this new title, “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle”, was revealed during Microsoft’s Xbox Developer Direct event last month. It was confirmed that the title would first arrive on Xbox and PC, but a source close to Microsoft told “Red Cross” that Bethesda would also consider a release on PS5.

Although Microsoft’s strategy has generally been to maintain certain exclusives on its platform, a new cross-platform approach is beginning to emerge. We see that the company is currently evaluating which titles will remain exclusive and which others could appear on competing consoles like the Switch or the PS5. Indiana Jones thus seems to be part of this new wave of multiplatform games.

The exclusivity of the Indiana Jones game on Xbox could be short-lived. Indeed, it seems that a release on PS5 is planned a few months after the initial launch on Microsoft platforms. Bethesda is rumored to be targeting a December 2024 launch for the Xbox and PC versions.

It’s important to note that this information should be taken with a grain of salt, as Microsoft has not yet finalized its new cross-platform approach for Xbox games. Additionally, platform availability for Indiana Jones and the Great Circle may change depending on this strategy.

This change in approach on Microsoft’s part seems to apply to other games as well. Some Xbox exclusive titles, like Sea of ​​Thieves or Hi-Fi Rush, were reportedly considered for release on multiple platforms.

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The development of a PS5 version of “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” would be a considerable surprise, although internal debates are still ongoing at Microsoft over whether to bring certain Xbox games to rival consoles. Either way, it’s clear that Microsoft is toying with the idea of ​​making some of its titles accessible on PS5 and Nintendo Switch. If this comes to fruition, it could well change the gaming landscape. However, as always in these kinds of situations, the devil will certainly be in the details.