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Interacting with Customers Online: The Most Effective Ways

Communication with the customer, the ability to build a dialogue and interactivity with them are the key to the success of a business. As is the quality of the services provided or goods sold.

In the age of online shopping, marketplaces and placing orders with just a few mouse clicks, online communication with the customer has become relevant.

Now it is an integral part of buyer-seller communication. Which means you have to be able to build it in a way that keeps them coming back to you again and again. Below we will consider some of the most effective ways of such interaction.



A checklist is essentially a list. Actions, objects and everything necessary to complete the task. It is a practical and effective tool for those who are ready to move step by step towards their goal.

Such checklists can be created for both employees of your own company and users. For example, the “Checklist for Selecting a Change.” It will help a potential buyer to easily and accurately select the product from your assortment that will suit their request. Or the “Checklist for choosing a training course”. It will be an excellent help for a student who cannot decide which online course to enroll in.

Creating such a list is quick and quite simple, but at the same time it will be really useful. This is a truly sustainable way to interact with new and returning customers on a regular basis.


Nowadays, you can find short videos on almost every self-respecting social network. It all started with Instagram and then others took over. But today, it is Shorts on YouTube that are gaining more and more popularity. This is a great way to tell or demonstrate something useful to your followers related to your business. But it’s also a good way to offer serious content with something more entertaining. And this, by using the emotions of the public to establish a closer and more sincere communication with them.
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Another popular type of content today. It differs from previous communication methods mainly in its format. A podcast, as a rule, does not have a visual component. This is an audio, available for easy listening or downloading. Podcasts are often listened to in the background: during household chores, training or on the road.

At first, this format was not particularly popular. But over time it has found its niche and the number of fans of this content continues to grow. It’s also common for podcasts to invite guests on-air. For example experts in your field, colleagues from other departments, etc.

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Such symbiosis will play into the hands of the popularity of all participating companies due to audience overlap. In addition, as a rule, podcasts are useful content for users, which are also very popular. However, the audio format is still not suitable for everyone and preparing for releases requires a lot of time and effort. They should be published more or less regularly). Therefore, before choosing podcasts as one of the ways to interact with customers, you should carefully analyze the audience, the format itself, the specifics of your business and all those factors that can affect the success of this business.

Special project

For example, this could be a side project separate from your department. Or an additional product that you prepare and develop yourself. And that will interest your customers and, again, benefit them. Think about what might be relevant to your audience and in what format would be best presented to them.

For example, one of the world-famous messaging services recently prepared a marketing dictionary for its users. It has proven to be of great help in solving various marketing related problems. Not all of these products and projects are created because of demand. But they become essential once on the market. If you think about everything carefully, test your product and choose what suits you and your audience, you can succeed.

Online course

Online learning in various formats has confidently strengthened its position in recent years. Acquiring new knowledge and skills has become a necessity for some. For others, it’s a pleasant bonus. Therefore, you should not neglect this method of interacting with your audience online.

In addition to information and new knowledge, course clients also receive certificates or diplomas proving the completion of the training. For example, you can receive a certificate after completing a free online course. During the course, the user receives videos, various expert materials and even homework that will help him understand the information better. Such content is very useful for customers and therefore valuable. However, it is more difficult to prepare it, as well as to promote it. So, in the case of online courses, you also need to carefully weigh the pros and cons.

Analyze your audience and your capabilities. Then choose the method of communicating with customers that suits you and will help make your business even more successful!