Massacre international !  Les joueurs d'Elden Ring ont trouvé Kill Mogh Day et fixé la date avant le DLC Shadow of the Erdtree

International massacre! Elden Ring players found Kill Mogh Day and set the date ahead of Shadow of the Erdtree DLC

A little over 24 hours have passed since the release of the trailer for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, the DLC which will arrive on all platforms on June 21, 2024. Three minutes of video were enough for FromSoftware to drive its fans crazy . community and fill the internet with hundreds of theories. It’s no exaggeration to say that there are people who could talk for hours about each image.

While some rack their brains to decipher every secret and every reference, others have chosen the path of festivity and violence. Reddit user IronFalcon1997 proposed establishing the so-called “Kill Mohg Day! “, which translates to Kill Mohg Day. It will be June 20, 2024, one day before the launch of the DLC, and the proposition is simple.

Why mass kill Mohg, Lord of Blood? The short and practical answer is that it’s the boss who guards the entrance to the DLC. Shadow of the Erdtree , as Hidetaka Miyazaki himself confirms. However, there is another reason, much more obscure (beware of Elden Ring spoilers): he kidnapped Miquella and, as far as we know, is one of the people responsible for her current state.

“International Day to Kill a Pedophile Kidnapper,” says ricke813. And it turns out that Miquella is a very wise empyrean, but he was born with the curse/blessing of being a young boy forever. Her sister, Malenia, hasn’t had as much luck with red rot.

If you’ve already defeated him, like I did, you can still leave your mark to help other players. “I’m going to change my character name to Like Watch, leave my signal, then not contribute to the fight at all,” superfucks predicts.

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