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Is the reliability of mobile payment ensured in terms of convenience and security?

Several companies, of different sizes and in different sectors, have adopted mobile payments in their payment methods, and this has allowed them to gain a competitive advantage, particularly during the pandemic.
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What is mobile payment?

Mobile payment is a payment solution that consists of making a payment with your phone from any location and at any time. The merchant only needs to have an Internet connection, the application and the necessary hardware for this operation.

Types of mobile payment

There are different types of mobile payment, which we will explain to you:

Payment by NFC: NFC or near field communication in French. This is a protocol with which smartphones are equipped to ensure contactless payment. This technology facilitates the payment process for people, the proof is that from now on even bus and metro tickets can be paid in this way on board.

Payment by secure magnetic transmissions: This method uses NFC technology and also secure magnetic transmission to provide contactless mobile payments.

Electronic wallet: This wallet allows you to store your different banking information (multiple cards) in one place, on your mobile device. They are overused and require NFC or QR code payment technology to work.

Payment by QR Code : This payment method is even less common but is gradually becoming known. Some banking applications grant and accept this payment method, by linking your payment details to the application.

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Payments by sound waves: This is a new payment technology which consists of the emission of unique sound waves which contain encrypted payment data. Moreover, it is an alternative for other types of payment that require an Internet connection, which is not the case for it.

Advantages of mobile payment

Mobile payment has provided businesses with benefits and opportunities with positive impacts.

First, mobile payment is known for its speed, fluidity and simplicity, which makes it a very convenient and also secure payment solution.

These elements and opportunities respond to the new needs and consumption patterns of customers, who above all want to make rapid payments without security constraints.
mobile payment
This alternative changes the rules of the game with its speed, security and convenience.