C'est l'un des jeux vidéo de réflexion les plus originaux dans lequel tout dépend du point de vue.  Jouez à Superliminal sur PS Plus

It is one of the most original puzzle video games in which everything depends on the point of view. Play Superliminal on PS Plus

In puzzle video games we can find very varied and very interesting proposals. One of the titles that deserves a chance is Superliminal, developed by the independent studio Pillow Castle, formed by a group of former students who managed to create a fantastic work.

Those of you who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium You will have the opportunity to play it as much as you want, since you can download it for free from the PlayStation Store to play on PS4 and PS5. This way you will be able to enjoy this first-person adventure that takes place in a completely strange and unknown place where you will not know how you ended up.

He point of view is the most fundamental section gameplay, since all the puzzles are based on this pillar. This way you can change the size and position of objects to be able to move forward in the scene, such as grabbing a monitor and moving away so it grows or standing in a specific spot in the scene to view elements of a different way, specifically.

All this assumes that the game continues to exhibit optical illusions that force players to think differently than usual in this genre. In addition, it has a Challenge mode that awards points based on the time it took to complete the game, the objects used and other details, although it must also be said that its duration is not not very long, so in an afternoon you can do that, you can pass without problem.

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