C'est l'un des grands classiques du shonen des années 2000 et il aura désormais une suite sous forme d'anime.  Shaman King Flowers arrive très bientôt sur le petit écran

It’s one of the great shonen classics of the 2000s and it will now have a sequel in the form of an anime. Shaman King Flowers is coming to the small screen very soon

If 2023 is an exceptional year for the food industry manga and anime , 2024 looks good with the premieres scheduled. From the movie Haikyuu!! While waiting for the third part of the latest season of Bleach, many adaptations are patiently awaiting their premiere.

However, the start of next year will start in style with the sequel to a shonen classic: Flowers of the Shaman King . After the great success of the new adaptation of Hiroyuki Takei’s work, TV Tokyo decided to go further and begin developing the sequel to this much-loved work from the beginning of the millennium. Now, a little less than two months after its premiere, we finally got to see an exclusive new preview.

Flowers of the Shaman King It takes place 16 years after the shamans’ fight. The main character of the story becomes Hana Asakura, son of the original series’ protagonist Yoh Asakura and his respective partner, Anna Kyoyama. Hana must face two members of the Asakura, Luca and Yohane, after they murdered her parents to take control of the clan.

will be next January 6, 2024 when we will finally be able to enjoy a sequel that, although it did not have as much impact as the original work, entertained enough to maintain an acceptable level. As for the platform on which it will be broadcast, we still do not know where we can see it, but it is likely that Crunchyroll will be the one chosen to be able to see it from Spain.

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