Jacob Romero célèbre l'anniversaire d'Usopp avec un nouvel indice sur une île où les nakamas atterriront lors de la deuxième saison de One Piece de Netflix

Jacob Romero celebrates Usopp’s birthday with a new clue about an island where the nakamas will land in the second season of Netflix’s One Piece

After a surprisingly good first season, One Piece on Netflix has become, without a doubt, one of the most followed series on the entire platform. Luffy’s journey has only just begun, and the new chapters are expected to make it clear that Iñaki Godoy has many years ahead of him to become the Pirate King.

But while waiting for new images from the series, the members of the production have left clues in the best possible way. The last one to do so was Jacob Romero just to celebrate the birthday of Usopp wanted to offer a question/answer worthy of April Fool’s Day.

However, the video offered by Netflix left a clue about one of the islands that the Nakama will visit in the second season of One Piece. With a drawing of a dinosaur and Usopp himself, the series hinted that we would visit Little garden the island where we met the giants of Elbaf, Dorry and Broggy.

Although it was something expected, it is worth remembering that this live-action skipped some plot moments to offer a much more dynamic pace, so we are happy to know that we will see this very interesting place in the live-action series. And in reality, this little arc will be of the utmost importance in the future, since places very important to the plot will be mentioned and a link will be created that will be vital in the journey of Luffy and company.

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