Jason Momoa joue déjà avec le mystère et demande aux fans de décider de l'avenir de l'acteur dans le nouveau DCEU de James Gunn

Jason Momoa is already playing with the mystery and asking fans to decide the actor’s future in James Gunn’s new DCEU

There are very few days left before the release of the latest Snyderverse film: Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in theaters around the world. Jason Momoa will bid farewell to a franchise that never really knew how to take off to welcome a fairly ambitious universe signed James Gunn. Of course, it looks like the Hawaiian actor won’t be completely detaching himself from the Warner-owned franchise.

Through an interview with Etalk, the actor who plays Arthur Curry said that the sequel to Aquaman is a fantastic film and that its main objective is to complete the loop with which Zack Snyder opened ten years ago. Iron man but he also left hints that he might return to the franchise.

“I think it’s a great movie that sums it all up. You can see where we’re at, and it’s a pretty cool journey. It’s been 12 years and the DCEU is coming to an end. I think it’s the ‘one of those movies where you want to see how it all ends, and I think this is a really good way to end it. Unless… I mean, look. universe, and who knows? The good news is that it’s up to you. But we did a great job, I think the fans will be very excited, very proud. I’m very proud of it.”

Although he left it up in the air that he might return to the franchise, the latest rumors claimed that Momoa would return to work at DC Studios to play Lobo, one of Superman’s great villains in the comics and one of the great stars of Gods and monsters .

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But there is still a long way to go to learn more about its future. Even if in 2024 we will see the first two projects led by James Gunn, we will have to wait until July 11, 2025 for this new adventure to truly begin with Superman: Legacy, the reboot of Man of Steel on the big screen.