Jedeclare: how to facilitate your online declarations?

Regardless of the status chosen, a company must file its tax declarations. Many companies entrust this mission to a service provider. Whether the declaration is carried out internally or by an accountant, jedeclare facilitates the mission. We explain everything to you in a few paragraphs.

Accountants make your tax declaration on Jedeclare was born from the initiative of accountants wanting to simplify life for taxpayers, especially businesses. The platform is dedicated to online declaration. Its interface allows you to communicate with the tax administration, in this case the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI). Electronic declaration helps companies pay annual taxes (IS) with ease. These companies can entrust the contribution and value added tax (CVAE-VAT) to Jedeclare. They will even be able to declare deductions from salary income there.

Jedeclare is also a leading intermediary with organizations working in social protection. It exchanges in particular with ASSEDIC and URSSAF. Data transmission (DADS-DUCS) is carried out with total confidentiality. Sensitive information regarding retirement contributions remains safe from any possible interception. The site’s editors advocate security by ensuring the protection of documents exchanged via an encrypted email. Thanks to the simplification of procedures, the tax notice will no longer be stressful.

Companies carry out the electronic declaration via the EDI procedure

All companies will be able to make their electronic declaration on jedeclare using the EDI system. The platform uses the electronic data interchange protocol. It does not apply any turnover limitation for its offer. Since 2001, the one-stop shop has brought together companies of all sizes, whether the tax regime is real, simplified or normal. The EDI partner ensures the monthly payment of taxes via EDI-VAT. The transfer of tax and accounting data follows the TDFC requirements recommended by the government.

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The EDI system offers many advantages. Linked to accounting software, it avoids having to re-enter data before sending it to the official DGI website. This reduces the risk of writing errors. Users also benefit from the possibility of obtaining certificates. If necessary, he receives a mission report issued by the management organization. Tax packages are provided to banks upon simple request. This functionality of the EDI system supports credibility for the taxpayer who wants to subscribe to a credit.

Various advantages of making deposits with the tax partner

Companies used to benefit from considerable time savings. Accountants take care of their taxes. Then, it is always possible to follow the progress of a declaration. Those concerned receive a notice in the event of contentious concerns regarding their online declarations. Above all, beneficiaries of the offer benefit from optimal security of income information and social data.

To know precisely the progress of their file, the user receives several types of notices. They confirm the filing and the conformity of the request. In the event of an anomaly, the interested party is also notified. The company even obtains a real-time report when the declaration reaches its final recipient, in this case the tax administration.

Simple conditions to access the service

A company that wishes to make its electronic declaration via can do so from a landline or mobile station connected to the Internet. The member is also requested to use secure electronic messaging as well as management software compatible with the platform’s algorithm. To access the site, you must enter a unique identifier and a password. The procedure is very simple. In addition, a physical version of the declarations must be signed and then sent to the subscription service. This is the case with a paycheck.

Thanks to its pragmatism, has acquired the trust of large and medium-sized businesses. Many commercial brands, small businesses and craftsmen also submit their declarations to him. There are also service providers such as accounting firms or management organizations (OGA) among the platform’s clients. The site is a real HUB with the general directorate of public finances (DGFiP), social protection entities, as well as banking institutions.