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But when you’re interviewing for your new job, you don’t want to tell the interviewer that you didn’t get along with your boss.

Reason #1 : you lost your last job. In your next interview, be factual and brief about why you are no longer at your last job.

Reason #2 : You are underemployed. It’s natural to find a job that matches your skills, experience and career aspirations. If your interviewer asks why you left, say you needed a challenge.

Reason #3 : Looking for a better opportunity. Finding a job that highlights your skills is a great reason to look for a new job. However, if you mention it during the interview, it may give the impression that you are still looking for another opportunity.

Reason #4 : you want a job closer to home. Wanting to work close to home isn’t a crime, but the interview may not go the way you want if you say, “I want to work here because it’s close to home.”

Reason #5 : you travel too much. Maybe you travel too much in your current job. Just make sure your next job doesn’t involve the same travel.

Reason #6 : You want better long-term prospects. Your current employer may be in a declining industry, may be poorly managed, and the long-term viability of the company or industry may be in question. Whatever the reason, be careful not to speak ill of your former employer to the person you speak to.

Reason #7 : Do you want to work for a smaller or larger company? The size of the company you work for can have a big impact on your career. In some cases, a smaller business offers a more family-friendly atmosphere. Conversely, a larger company may offer more stability and opportunities for advancement. Make sure your interviewer knows that, regardless of the size of the company, you are primarily interested in contributing to the role.

Reason #8 : Personal reasons. Perhaps the birth of a child, a recent marriage, or another life-changing event has inspired you to make a fresh start in your career. But personal reasons for leaving a job have no place in an interview discussion.

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Reason #9 : You are being mistreated in your current job. Any job can feel like an unhealthy and unhappy experience if co-workers mistreat you. If you mention any of these conflicts during your interview, your interviewer will wonder why you can’t get along with your colleagues, regardless of the circumstances.

Reason #10 : You were not considered for promotion. If you have not been

shortlisted for a promotion and you mention it during the interview, you could come across as bitter.

Reason #11 : Reasons ethical. Is your company engaged in activities that you do not want to participate in? Perhaps your company has done something that goes against your value structure. It is important that you evaluate the type of company you want to work for before you interview.

Reason #12: you want or need more money. Maybe you feel like you’re being paid less than you’re worth, or maybe you work for a company that’s known for underpaying its staff. While better pay is a good reason to look for a new job, it’s not a good reason to mention in an interview. And if you’re just looking for a raise, you might want to talk to your current employer first.

There is nothing wrong with challenging yourself or seeking better opportunities. But be careful how you phrase your intentions during an interview. You can easily search for a new job on platforms such as Indeed. So if you don’t know where to look for a job you can take a look at our guide Indeed: We tell you everything about the search engine dedicated to the field of employment. This guide will help you understand the search engine and therefore speed up your search for a new job.