Kagurabachi termine en dernière position du classement de popularité dans Shonen Jump

Kagurabachi finishes in last position in the popularity rankings in Shonen Jump

A few weeks ago, we reported that Shonen Jump seemed to have found a new gem in the form of a manga: Kagurabachi . The art, atmosphere and, above all, the memes that emerged around this work elevated it to the top, surpassing in popularity high-caliber manga such as Jujutsu Kaisen or Boku no Hero Academy .

However, it seems that the memes weren’t enough to keep her on top, since according to this week’s list of Shonen Jump manga releases, Kagurabachi is in last position for the first time since its debut.

With 6 chapters published, Takeru Hokazono’s manga does not seem to have completely impacted fans, which leads the manga to the brink of collapse in Japan’s flagship magazine after a promising start.

stay in the Last Position In Shonen Jump’s popularity rankings, this doesn’t just mean being featured in the back pages of the magazine. The publisher has very demanding quality standards for its works, which leads to the cancellation of less sustained ones if the downward trend persists for several weeks. For this reason, Kagurabachi Not only has it fallen in the rankings, but it could disappear in early 2024 if its narrative and visual quality do not improve.

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