La Remesa Mala sera le point culminant de l'héritage de George Lucas, créateur de la franchise

La Remesa Mala will be the culmination of the legacy of franchise creator George Lucas

Lovers of Star Wars They have reason to be excited and afraid. Season 3 of The wrong shipment (The Bad Batch) begins on February 21 with a triple episode (3×01-3×03) and will be the last battle of the modified clone team. However, its end is a much more important event than we imagine.

It’s Dee-Bradley Coltin Baker, American voice actor who brings the Star Wars clones to life (The Clone Wars Yes The wrong shipment ), who exclusively told ScreenRant that this season also represents the culmination of the legacy of George Lucas, the franchise’s original creator. The actor says the following before mentioning how they managed to tell the clones apart:

This actually dates back to George Lucas’ original idea, so we can consider it the end of his legacy: The Bad Batch; He was the one who came up with this idea, and it was part of the original The Clone Wars series that he did with Dave Filoni.

He adds that George Lucas, Dave Filoni and the rest of the team worked hard to make this series show the clones very different from each other to make them unique, which made Baker’s job easier. This idea comes from afar, because Lucas had already started to develop it The Clone Wars . Initially, their interaction with the Jedi was used and it intensified when The Bad Batch appeared during Season 7 (2020) in the same way as an introduction.

The Clone Wars Yes The wrong shipment These were ideas that George Lucas had before Disney acquired LucasFilm and Star Wars by extension. As ScreenRant points out, if season 3 remains as Lucas intended, then we are faced with one of the last stories born in the mind of the Star Wars creator and truly linked to the original trilogies.

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