Lenovo ThinkPad Gen 2 ! Voir toutes les spécifications et les caractéristiques

Lenovo ThinkPad Gen 2! See all specifications and features

Lenovo showed off a wide selection of new products at CES, including a dual-screen laptop and a desk lamp with a webcam. Today, Lenovo returns to Mobile World with a range of improved laptops and tablets, headlined by two exciting new additions to the ThinkPad Z. All-AMD configurations make new ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 And Z16 Gen 2 appropriate partners for hybrid workforce.

For the larger Z16, a range of Ryzen 7000 processors, a Radeon 6650M graphics card, up to 64 GB of RAM and 2 TB of SSD storage are available. Those who often switch between video chatting and other tasks may find the expanded communication features of the ThinkPad Z13 and Z16 more appealing. In our guide, we will talk in more detail about the latest updates and features of the new ThinkPad Z13 model.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2

Looking at the Z13 Gen 2, one can’t help but think of HP’s work with coffee grounds and cooking oil as eco-friendly alternatives. At CES 2023, HP presented some of its machines. Lenovo took this opportunity to make some feature changes and add new parts to the second generation ThinkPad Z13.

Lenovo has also made some changes to make the computer more eco-friendly. The first ThinkPad Z13 was one of our favorites. We can’t wait to get our hands on the latest version, as it has been improved. 4.5 and topped some of our laptop rankings.

We don’t know everything about the Z13 Gen 2, but we do know that it will be equipped with Radeon graphics cards and the latest AMD Ryzen technologies. 7000 U-series . This laptop will also run on up to 64GB of RAM. LPDDR5x and until 4TB PCI Express Gen 4 solid-state storage, allowing you to quickly switch between tasks.

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Everything will be available on a 13.3-inch screen in 16:10 format with a resolution of 1920 by 1200 pixels. Touch input support will be available as an option. It is also possible to configure the system with a 2560 x 1600 pixel touchscreen.

Both versions of the screen will have a brightness of 400 nits and display all screen colors. sRGB color space. All Z13 Gen 2 models will feature an electronic shutter and a webcam with a resolution of 1.5 megapixels. 1080p resolution. Lenovo offers two USB 4 ports, an audio jack, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.1, and a switchable 4G LTE radio.

Lenovo managed to make the device just barely half an inch thinner, and the whole thing measures 0.55 by 7.9 by 11.5 inches (HWD). The Z13 Gen 2 is lightweight as it is a professional ultraportable. It weighs just 2.6 pounds, a tenth of a pound lighter than Apple’s MacBook Air.

Lenovo will also sell a 16-inch version of the ThinkPad Z16 Gen 2 that has a larger screen and can be equipped with a dedicated AMD Radeon 6550M GPU. This version is more suitable for people who create content, of course. Finally, all new ThinkPad Z laptops will come with Windows 11, and you can choose the Pro version if you want.

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ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 Specs and Features


The 13.3-inch screen has a 16:10 aspect ratio. In addition to the standard FHD+ model, there is now an FHD+ model. 2.8K OLED variant available. Lenovo gave me a ThinkPad Z13 with a Full-High-Definition Plus (FHD+) display, so the screen is perhaps the least intriguing element of this gadget.

The most exciting configuration is the 2.8K OLED, which certainly looks stunning. But for now, we have to settle for the 2.8K OLED display. FHD+ which I assume Lenovo chose for battery life. It’s obvious that fewer pixels provide better battery life than more pixels, and I’m not impressed with the Ryzen 6000 processor, which we’ll talk about later.

The exhibition is quite impressive. It allows contact and, as the results of numerous experiments show, it is robust in all respects. She does not stand out in any way, but does not have any negative characteristics. According to tests, it supports 100% sRGB, 79% NTSC, 84% Adobe RGB and 84% P3.

These are exceptional scores. I’m confident that all OLED models are in the 90th percentile. Peak brightness was 466.9 nits, which is exceptional considering Lenovo only promised 400 nits. The contrast ratio reached a maximum of 1,670:1. They all have excellent grades.

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Lenovo’s inverted notch provides a bit more space in the top bezel for the 2.1-megapixel webcam, which is housed in the top bezel. FHD resolution is essential in the age of remote working, as evidenced by the camera’s 2.1 MP resolution. The new Evo spec required Intel-powered computers to achieve this feat, so I’m excited to see it on an AMD laptop as well.


The width of the keyboard keys is 1.35mm. There are no physical buttons on this touchpad. The keyboard of the Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 features 1.35mm keycaps, which is the typical depth of ThinkPad keyboards. It debuted with the ThinkPad X1 Nano and the ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga, and has since appeared in a number of other models, including this one and the ThinkPad X13s.

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Some ThinkPads feature a 1.8mm keyboard, while previous models, like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon and ThinkPad X1 Yoga, use a 1.5mm keyboard. As previously noted, the keyboard feels nice and precise, and the key depth is 1.35mm.

Lenovo must integrate this keyboard into all ThinkPad models. It is more modern and exceptionally well done. It is more modern and exceptionally well done. TrackPoint, located between the G, H, and B keys, is the only component of this laptop that is obviously outdated.

This has always been the case with ThinkPads, a holdover from the days when Windows touchpads were worse. It will have to disappear one day, but it won’t be right away. It’s still used by companies like HP and Dell, but mainly for the most popular models.

Lenovo continues to include this feature in all of its ThinkPads. I would also like to point out that the Ctrl key is placed to the left of the Fn key. On the majority of other ThinkPads, the Fn key is located on the left, which is quite inconvenient because it differs from how all other laptops work.

It’s nice to see the Ctrl key in its place. Touchpads on ThinkPad computers have also been updated. First of all, the touchpad is now tactile and pleasant to use. Obviously there are no physical buttons at the top, which are frequently used with the TrackPoint.

This area can be used as buttons or as an extension of the touchpad thanks to the haptic touchpad. This is a welcome change, as ThinkPads typically have small touchpads because the buttons take up a lot of real estate.

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The ThinkPad Z series, launched the previous year, has been revamped. The ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 and Z16 Gen 2 models feature the latest AMD Ryzen 7000 processors, including those based on the Zen 4 architecture. A discrete AMD Radeon 6550M GPU is now available as an option for the ThinkPad Z16 if you’re looking for a little more power.

A new finish for the ThinkPad Z13 replaces the previous year’s vegan leather model. This year, the aluminum chassis of a Lenovo laptop is combined with an innovative linen fabric, a “100% agricultural” product.

The Lenovo laptop features a gold lid, gold accents around the corners of the computer, and black components inside. If you want a more conventional aesthetic, you can always purchase an Arctic Gray aluminum variant. Additionally, the ThinkPad Z16 is only available with an aluminum chassis.

In addition to the usual TrackPoint, this year’s model includes a haptic trackpad that acts as a shortcut to a quick menu where you can add up to four shortcuts, such as camera and microphone controls. This year’s trackpad was designed from the ground up by Sensel in partnership with Lenovo, and it features high-fidelity haptics, improved precision, and palm rejection.


The Z13 Gen 2’s TrackPoint is one of the most interesting new features. This is a mini joystick with a red button located in the middle of the keys, which works with the buttons located just below the spacebar. I’ve always admired Lenovo’s determination to retain this famous feature of IBM laptops from a bygone era, but I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a somewhat unnecessary addition.

Lenovo’s new TrackPoint software looks like it could breathe new life into a feature that’s been around for decades. Lenovo has updated the TrackPoint to provide it with a capacitive touch surface which, with a light double-tap, displays a small applet divided into four quadrants on the screen.

You can then click or tap these function areas to do simple things like change the camera’s brightness and contrast, check if the microphone is muted and make changes, or activate Microsoft Dictation.

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Lenovo wants to maintain the idea that its laptops are good for the environment, just like most other laptop manufacturers. Let’s start with the origin of lithium and cobalt. Lenovo continues its quest for sustainability. The company’s Z13 Gen 2 laptop is made from lithium and cobalt. linen and even more recycled materials. This is the most recent action taken by the company.

This new material made from natural fibers is glued to the top cover, which is made from 75% recycled aluminum. The material is made from the fibers of the flax plant, which is a 100% agricultural product. This material is used to make the screen cover, hence the color called “.Bronze linen fiber“by Lenovo. Linen fiber is also available in a standard aluminum color for the new Z13.

Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 price

The Lenovo ThinkPad Z13 Gen 2 costs INR 1,49,999, which is quite expensive. But after looking at all the specs and features, the price is definitely worth it.


You’ll get support for Wi-Fi 6E and microphones that work with the technology Dolby Voice. This means that during Zoom meetings you should have good picture and sound. But my favorite new feature is TrackPoint Quick menuwhich can be opened by pressing the company’s characteristic red button twice.

A window will then open where you can quickly change camera settings, microphone volume, voice dictation, noise cancellation and more. You can even choose which settings to display, giving you easy access to the items you change most often. I think it’s a great way to add new functionality to a classic item like the TrackPoint.