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Leroy Merlin. Create environments where you can live better

This desire is reflected in the actions that Leroy Merlin carries out in favor of improve not only the homes of its customers, but that of society in general by promoting the local economy (75% of its suppliers are national) and sustainable development through the marketing of “positive products”.

“At Leroy Merlin, we have a culture based on putting people at the center of our decisions. An example of this is that, of the 18,000 employees of the company in Spain, 98% are shareholders of ADEO, the group to which we belong,” he says. Miguel Madrigal, marketing director of the Spanish subsidiary in Spain.

It is perhaps this interest in people that pushed the managers of the French multinational to have all the new arrivals in their ranks stay in the store. “It is one of the most appreciated training courses by everyone and, without a doubt, the most effective for getting to know the company, the product and the consumers in depth.”

The entire management team of the Leroy Merlin Spain Marketing area.

An “initiation rite” that must also be followed by people recruited to deploy their talents in the field of marketing, where creativity, the ability to work in a team, innovative vision, analytical skills, active listening, communication skills and proactivity are among the most important. appreciated qualities.

Integrated under the management of Onmicommerce, department which belongs to the Management Committee, The Leroy marketing team concentrates in its hands areas as decisive as the brand, communication, content, loyalty, customer knowledge, commercial animation, retail media, ecommerce, media, marketplace, the store concept, customer experience and transformation..

It is a large department, around 160 people, which works transversally with the rest of the company’s sectors in order to help in the commercial strategy and to be closer to the end consumer, according to Miguel Madrigal, marketing director of the company in Spain.

Director of Customer Loyalty and Sales Promotion, Francisco Campos (left) speaks with Sergio Vicente, Director of Brand and Communications (center) and Pablo del Busto, Director of Marketplace.

The company philosophy is based on autonomy and responsibility. “We strive to promote a work environment that promotes well-being. “We, workers, have the ability to feel ownership of our own decisions, to make mistakes and to learn from our mistakes. »says Madrigal about Leroy Merlin’s organizational model, which is based on collaboration and active participation of all team members, in addition to promoting decentralized and distributed decision-making.

Key in making business decisions

The Leroy Merlin marketing department plays a determining role in commercial decisions. “Thanks to the active listening that we maintain to learn about new customer demands and habits, as well as the latest market trends, at Leroy Merlin we have always been able to anticipate. SO, We have developed a business model that has evolved from product marketing to providing comprehensive, personalized solutions in omnichannel mode. It is not for nothing that we were the first company in Spain to offer turnkey solutions in sustainable energy for the home.. A strategic commitment to responsible consumption which has become a trademark of Leroy Merlin, thus demonstrating that sustainability is one of the pillars of the company”, explains the marketing director of retailer. “Our company, as a leader in the furniture sector, has a lot to contribute in terms of marketing. It is therefore important to work hand in hand with the management teams who allow us to be aligned with the company’s objectives,” he adds.

Pilar Mollá, content director (left), and Marta Martínez de Velasco, store concept director, working with Miguel Madrigal, marketing director of Leroy Merlin Spain.

100% aligned

The origin of Leroy Merlin is French. It belongs to ADEO, one of the main groups in the sector of sales of consumer goods for DIY and decoration. However, the members of the marketing team in Spain have autonomy and freedom to adapt the company’s campaigns. “We work 100% in accordance with our Headquarter from France, but with the capacity to define and implement the strategy in Spainsince we know the tastes, habits and trends related to the home of the Spaniards, which allows us to have a personalized value proposition adapted to each inhabitant,” explains Madrigal.

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Iria Casqueiro, Director of Customer Experience, speaks with Ignacio Fernández, Director of Transformation.

In order to be more effective, the Leroy Merlin marketing team applies a methodology agile to their processes, coordinating via what they call “360 Cell”. This is a weekly meeting where all channels and areas of the department come together to share campaigns, goals and messages. In this way, they achieve consistency between all the actions carried out, maintaining a single message.

Likewise, they work with tools to manage tasks and organize and track the different demands and activities of their daily lives.

Data analysis, fundamental

At Leroy Merlin, they continue to be attentive to the latest developments in digital and technological development in order to improve the offer to their customers as well as their internal processes. Data analysis is a fundamental element in the field of marketing and, as they confirm, they integrate artificial intelligence into the development of product sheets and images, thus reducing production costs.

The director of Retail Media, Mónica Pérez, with Fernando Herranz, director of Digital Experience.

“We are in the process of transforming our business, which is updating the way we stay in touch with our customers. For example, the new application that we have just launched, as well as our Marketplace, which in one year has exceeded one million products available,” reveals Miguel Madrigal, who also explains how the company is working on a project management tool for the home. “It will allow personalized monitoring from design to the end of the work, thus guaranteeing the quality standards that characterize us.”

Getting closer to the consumer

The members of the Leroy Merlin marketing department are particularly satisfied to continue to deepen their knowledge of the consumer, by studying their needs, preferences and consumption habits in more depth. In this line, The company is betting on a movement towards the centers of cities, with specialized stores, such as kitchen and bathroom projects in Valencia, or doors, windows and floors in Gijón.. “Small establishments without stock in which we help our clients bring their projects to fruition. This proximity and the fact that we have been present in this country for more than three decades make us one of the most recognized brands in Spain, where our club already has more than six million active customers,” explains the marketing department.

Although the development of the digital channel is the achievement that causes the most pride among Leroy Merlin marketers. With a new website, a new application launched in October and the integration of the marketplace a year ago to complete its product range. “Thanks to this, we have become the fourth most visited retail e-commerce in Spain. »

Positive impact

For the members of the Leroy Merlin marketing department, the challenge is to always remain close to the consumer, adapting to their new consumption habits, more and more closely linked to sustainability. Adaptation and generating a positive impact on society therefore occupy a priority place on the business agenda.

The brand is currently working on the development of a wide range educational strategy to promote conscious and more responsible consumption

In line with this vision, the brand is currently working on developing a wide range educational strategy to promote conscious and more responsible consumption. “We believe that the more sustainable homes there are, the more sustainable everyone’s home, that is to say the planet, will be, and that’s why we want our customers to have a range of sustainable products. more and more positive and encourage their integration into homes,” says Miguel Madrigal.

An ambitious challenge to which is also added the continued work of consolidating its digital sales channels to complement omnichannel and the experience. phygital: 136 physical stores, sales on website, APP and telephone.