Lettre aux Rois Mages.  Ce que demandent les professionnels du secteur

Letter to the Three Wise Men. What industry professionals ask for


César González (AEVEA): “A key year to demand that the entire value chain continues to invest in innovation”

In these first days of the new year, the more than 87,000 sector professionals in our country have an exciting list of expectations and wishes, with which we will respond to the changes that are transforming our industry.

By 2024, we demand continue to build a competitive, creative, innovative and sustainable industry, capable of generating an impact on our environment. And to achieve this, we will continue to promote a more regulated sector, framed by the necessary quality standards and with defined, simple and clear rules that guarantee a space of fair competition between brands, entities, organizations and agencies.

We will maintain our commitment to reclaiming professionalism within the sector. Education and training are also essential to meet the demands of the times, with demand constantly changing. This is why we must be ambitious to attract talent and create jobs. A key year to demand that the entire value chain is dynamic and continues to invest in innovation, deepening sector measurement and event feedback, allowing us to understand its impact and help our customers in their work and their argument for the future. . .

Among the demands that we will maintain in 2024, we will insist on the essential public-private collaboration, the continued support of institutions that promote the sustainability of the sector. This includes policies and programs that help make visible the value of our channel as one of the most powerful tools for business success and as an engine of our economy, essential to maintaining competitiveness in a competitive market. increasingly globalized.

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Likewise, we will continue to strengthen the lever of sustainability, a trend that is consolidating. The events sector will continue to commit to a sustainable development approach through the implementation of efficient and respectful management of people, the environment, the economy and the planet.

The reasons to look to the future with optimism don’t stop there. 2024 will be a year of growth for AEVEA, adding new partners that will allow us to have greater national representation and ambitious projects that leave our mark throughout the country. In addition, we are working on the first edition of the AEVEA AWARDS, which will highlight the sector and the work of the organizing agencies of the corporate event and MICE. A night of celebration and recognition of the sector for the sector.

In summary, The experiential marketing industry in Spain looks ahead to 2024 a combination of teamwork, desire for innovation, regulated training that guarantees our future, commitment to sustainability, a regulatory framework adapted to our needs, investment in human capital, measuring results at all levels and many events. Inspiring, creative, caring, surprising, caring, inclusive and of course… unique events!!!

To this end, professionals in the sector assure you that we will continue to promote the image of our industry as a leader in the field of events on a global scale.

César González, president of AEVEA