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LibreOffice, the office suite par excellence

100% royalty-free office suite, LibreOffice is a set of open source software. This free solution presents itself as a very serious alternative to Microsoft Office. It includes a word processor, a spreadsheet, but also a program to prepare slideshows. Discover everything there is to remember about this pack published by The Document Foundation.

Complete and compatible software in the LibreOffice pack

Derived from the project, the LibreOffice pack was for a time owned by Apache. Left abandoned, the software suite became royalty-free before resurfacing. Its continued development results in office programs that can stand up to Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Numerous updates and constantly added extensions have made it a solution of choice to do without a Microsoft license.

The strength of LibreOffice lies essentially in its open computing environment. The software in the pack is compatible with all known operating systems, in this case Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS. Furthermore, the functionality sometimes exceeds that of other similar programs. This is due to the fact that developers continue to work on different aspects of the office suite. Pragmatism is there thanks to a very comprehensive toolbar.

Word processing made easy with Writer

Free equivalent of Microsoft Word, Writer software is a pillar of LibreOffice. This program offers word processing with ease. Its many features include basic tasks such as document creation and typing. It also offers a practical layout. The user can specify the paper size and orientation. Book editing just got easier with Writer. The latter allows you to generate and fill columns directly. Inserting tables, text boxes and images of all kinds remains easy with this program.

On Writer, the formatting has nothing to envy of that of other similar paid software. User can manage the font. He can change text colors or highlight. Rarely, special characters such as superscripts and subscripts can easily be integrated into the writing. Editors have even provided for bulleted lists, numbering or adjustment of alignments. This word processor includes a spell checker with a powerful extension to write flawlessly in around a hundred languages.

Beautiful paintings thanks to Calc

Free spreadsheet still in development, Calc does not yet claim to replace Microsoft Excel. The latter remains the leader in its sector, especially with its programming language. That said, its challenger can already provide a good part of its functionality. LibreOffice software takes care of basic tasks such as creating and formatting tables. It suggests the integration of formulas into cells. Ranging from a simple sum to mathematical equations, functions can be added. Moreover, this program can become a complex database.

Calc’s features are very comprehensive. It starts with filling and formatting the cells. Colors, text size, borders and other details may be tweaked. The program marks its difference with the list creation tool, the addition of statistical graphs or the integration of dynamic cross tables. The tabs at the bottom of the screen allow you to have a large number of workbooks. If necessary, the user can have macros.

Presentation becomes a game with Impress

Those who know PowerPoint will find an air of déjà vu with Impress. It must be recognized that this similarity is very marked with the two presentation software. Similar or not, the features of this slide editing program are quite easy to understand. Like its paid competitor, it suggests a wide choice of templates ready to be filled out. Slide formatting can be done manually or automatically. Those who prefer to start from a blank document will be able to personalize their slideshow as they wish.

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Impress software is not limited to creating slides. It also manages the animation by maintaining control over the broadcast on the video projector. Pages can be launched at a certain pace or manually. Each slide can have a worked background and personalized fonts. It is possible to add original transition effects. Objects such as multi-colored graphics should not pose any problem. The user even has the right to integrate a video or macros into the presentation.

Completely free special software

Writer, Calc and Impress remain the very foundations of LibreOffice. These flagship applications are far from being the only ones in the software library. The office pack, for example, offers a program dedicated to drawing. Better than Microsoft Paint, this software called Draw manages integrations very well. It is more of an equivalent to Publisher with functions for adding images, formatting blocks of text or inserting graphics.

Another software that is worth a detour, Math is used exclusively for writing mathematical equations. Formulas with as many special characters as possible can be written in this program before being added to a Word or Writer sheet. As such, documents published in LibreOffice can take Microsoft formats: .docs, .xls or. ppt. Suffixes specific to the open source office pack exist. They pose no compatibility concerns.

Very good reasons to opt for this office solution

Simplicity is the main advantage of all LibreOffice software. Those familiar with the Microsoft Office pack will have no difficulty adopting it. In any case, the interface remains intuitive for each program. Creating, formatting and customizing documents can be done seamlessly on Writer, Calc and Impress. This pragmatism is also palpable with Draw, the drawing and mailing tool.

LibreOffice Math is a separate program that Microsoft does not offer. This mathematical writing aid tool includes specific features such as graph paper. It also includes a wizard that guides database management. Then, the possibility of sharing documents is a common advantage for LibreOffice software. This collaborative form presents no risk of data leakage. The publisher’s business model relies exclusively on donations from the user community.

An almost hassle-free office pack

Although LibreOffice is a great alternative to Microsoft Office, this office suite is far from perfect. Unlike its paid competitor, the software does not include any help. Tutorials and guides on the Internet are extremely rare. So, all those who are not familiar with word processing and spreadsheets are left to their fate with this pack. A semblance of a dialogue page exists in the offer, but it is empty.

This set of software is based on a Java environment. This involves downloading extension and other plugins to be able to use the latest version. Requirements such as the creation of the database or mandatory installations may also be part of the disadvantages.

Our opinion on LibreOffice

Many universities, businesses and government institutions have opted for LibreOffice for the right reason. This office suite is 100% free. It frees itself from the dictates of Microsoft on the office pack market. Thus, this set of programs has the merit of existing to give consumers the choice to decide. That said, you will need to learn how to install and operate the Java Runtime Environment to be able to take full advantage of it.