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LibreOffice Writer

Think again ! Microsoft Word is not the only word processing software you can use on a daily basis. The market is flooded with tools of this type, but we still need to identify those that remain relatively simple to use. LibreOffice Writer belongs precisely to this category. Offering an interface similar to Microsoft Word, it is relatively easy to use while still having some nice surprises in store for you.

Focus on the features of LibreOffice Writer

The software offers several features. It gives you the means to create textual content, insert images, create tables or even drag links. You can also integrate geometric shapes as well as designs. Like Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer also allows you to change fonts and better manage typography. Customizing documents is also possible since you have the option to import fonts.

This word processing software also includes a dictionary and a module for autocorrection. It therefore detects your spelling mistakes and your careless mistakes. The tool will also draw your attention to your grammatical errors. As in Microsoft Word, errors made will be highlighted. The color of the lines will indicate the nature of the mistakes made.

Like its competitors, LibreOffice Writer supports several languages, mainly English and French. A mail merge option is also present and allows you to create and send several documents in succession. As with the software in the Microsoft Office pack, you can rely on a spreadsheet to complete these documents.

As a small novelty, the tool is equipped with an automatic entry program. As you use it, it records the most used expressions and then suggests them. You also have many templates for layout. Here again, the objective is to save you time by avoiding complex manipulations to have an attractive cover page. LibreOffice Writer also innovates by allowing you to save your files as PDF or even Epub.

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LibreOffice Writer: what are the advantages?

At first glance, LibreOffice Writer takes over the functionality of Microsoft Word. However, it differs from the latter by its free license. It is widely accessible free and open source software. Tinkering developers can even make changes to the source code to add new features. Still, a large community is working to improve this word processing software. Their contributions have already made it possible to obtain this tool which works perfectly on Windows, Mac Os, Linux and Chrome OS.

Several languages ​​are also available on LibreOffice. This increases the number of people who can use it. The software interface is also harmonious. Allowing for an excellent user experience. Plus, it’s intuitive and easy to use. LibreOffice Writer is a great ally for writing different kinds of writing. This is thanks to the many options it offers. Therefore, you should not hesitate to turn to the software to write books, letters, reports and even newsletters.