LinkedIn: 3 tips for better prospecting

Social networks are today one of the most popular channels and are favored by many people. In practice, they have more than 4 billion users. This represents a little more than half of the world’s population. If social networks are so appreciated, it is for their versatility. They are useful for various purposes, including commercial ones. Among those most suited to this purpose, you have LinkedIn. We give you some advice to improve your prospecting on this network.

Opt for automated prospecting on LinkedIn

Prospecting is the set of techniques by which you search for new potential customers (prospects). Even if its definition is simple, in practice, it turns out to be complex and, above all, time-consuming. On the social network for professionals LinkedIn, this setting remains valid. Applying your strategy can greatly extend your online hours. However, there is the possibility of making your job easier by automating the entire process. This is possible with automated prospecting.

Improved targeting

Targeting is an important step in prospecting. It consists of identifying suitable prospects based on various themes. If you decide to do it yourself, you will need many hours of searching the LinkedIn database. To avoid this inconvenience, you can visit the ProspectIn website to learn more about how the automated software that can do this task for you. This allows you to optimize your targeting while saving valuable time.

Expanding your network

Prospecting on LinkedIn also means expanding your network in order to increase your notoriety. However, this extension must be correctly oriented so that you remain visible. With an automated prospecting tool, you are able to highlight your profile and your expertise to decision-makers in your sector. Connection requests are sent after analyzing numerous criteria. In this way, you create business opportunities.

Sending personalized messages

Prospecting is inherent to making contact with your potential customers. The latter is crucial and will allow you to arouse their interest. With an automatic prospecting tool, you can refine your approach with personalized messages. The goal is to increase the response rate and your performance in complete safety.

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LinkedIn automated prospecting software

Increase your visibility

Your prospecting on LinkedIn will be even easier if you have good visibility. Thanks to this, your messages will have more reach and will be able to reach the right people. There are several ways to achieve this.

Share quality content

This is the most obvious option for achieving your goal on LinkedIn. Like all social networks, it encourages the publication of information of all kinds. They allow visitors to discover your activity and your company. Sharing content is also the best way to position yourself as an expert in your field. You must therefore ensure its quality and also its diversification. The main thing is to vary the types of content in order to avoid monotony and capture attention.

Join groups

On LinkedIn, there are many professional groups that are formed around various themes. Joining groups of members who share the same interests as you will help expand your professional circle. However, you will have to choose them carefully and above all remain active with the aim of being an integral part of the community. This involves engaging in discussions or participating in the events created. New contacts will inevitably emerge. To maximize the results of the process, target groups made up mainly of potential customers.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

Your LinkedIn profile is of utmost importance. This is the first element that visitors will check when they want to know more about your business. It must therefore be established carefully to leave the best possible impression.

Think carefully about your choice of photos

The LinkedIn profile is made up of several photos: the cover photo and the profile photo. The latter will help you communicate the seriousness and professionalism you demonstrate. We recommend creating it specifically for the occasion so that it is unique and very good quality.

There are many rules to follow to keep it consistent with the spirit and purpose of the network. As an illustration, “selfies” are among the worst choices for your LinkedIn profile photo. The cover photo, also called a banner, helps you situate the visitor in relation to your activity. It must represent it in the best possible way while remaining coherent. For this, it is preferable that it contains text.

Insert keywords into your information

In addition to photos, the profile is made up of various information to be given by filling in fields. You must pay all the necessary attention to it and above all use keywords relating to your activity as much as possible. This allowsoptimize your SEO on LinkedIn.