LinkedIn teste un flux vidéo de type TikTok

LinkedIn is experimenting with a video format similar to TikTok

In a world where the shadow of TikTok lengthens a little more every day on the sphere of social networks, LinkedIn, the professionally oriented platform, is not left out. Indeed, she is now exploring the field of **short video streams**, attempting to capture the essence of TikTok’s monumental success. It’s a bold attempt to woo users with an engaging form of visual content, directly inspired by the entertainment giant.

TikTok, with its user base surpassing one billion, has ushered in a new era in the way content is consumed and shared, prompting giants such as Instagram, YouTube, and even Netflix to venture into similar territories . These platforms have sought to duplicate the concept of short, vertical videos, a format that has proven effective in generating trends and facilitating daily interactions between users.

Today, LinkedIn is joining this movement by experimenting with its own video feed. The initiative was revealed by TechCrunch, which reports that this new format was previewed by chief strategy officer Austin Null. On LinkedIn itself, Null shared an overview of how this feed works, which is very similar to what we can observe on TikTok or via Instagram Reels. Currently in beta, these vertical videos fit into a new dedicated tab called “Video”. Similar to other post types on LinkedIn, these videos can be liked, commented on, or shared by users.

This is an interesting direction for LinkedIn, which has developed its own population of influencers over the years. Between podcasters, career coaches and entrepreneurs, the platform has created a place for exchanging and sharing professional information, attracting a large audience. Hence the interest in video content, which, according to the platform, meets a growing demand from users looking for content that is both educational and inspiring. As TikTok has become a space where younger generations seek to learn and develop professionally, LinkedIn sees this as an opportunity to also establish itself in the video field.

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It is important to mention that LinkedIn has already tested features inspired by other social networks, without always meeting with the expected success. We particularly remember the introduction of stories, modeled on Snapchat and Instagram, which did not really find their place within the professional ecosystem of LinkedIn.

This exploration of the short video format could open new horizons for LinkedIn. If the vertical video system catches on, it could redefine the way professionals exchange and share knowledge within this community. It remains to be seen how this initiative will be received by the millions of LinkedIn users and whether it will succeed in reconciling the need for professional interactions with the attractions of a fast and dynamic video format.