, the address to resolve your disputes without stress

Real estate problems, misunderstandings during a trip, problems with a service provider or goods delivered with hidden defects: disputes are part of everyday life. Fortunately, sites such as facilitate access to appropriate legal solutions. Thanks to simplified appeals, this platform saves the time and energy of litigants.

All disputes can be resolved on

Since 2016, has set itself the mission of facilitating access to justice for as many people as possible. It allows individuals or professionals to settle various matters without leaving their home. Like 1,633,852 French people, you can count on its legal services entirely online.

The files entrusted to the platform are very varied. The services cover:

  • Automobile: disputes arise when an accident cannot be resolved amicably. Sometimes the buyer discovers a manufacturing defect.
  • Housing or real estate work could also be the cause of disagreements. Many landlords need help with eviction proceedings.
  • Health services cause various harms to care recipients. They will then be able to count on simplified remedies to demand what is rightfully theirs.
  • For workers, the assistance of a social law lawyer is a real plus in the event of unfair dismissal or refusal of a benefit.
  • During a trip, disputes arise from the failure of the tour operator, the carrier or the accommodation provider.
  • The non-exhaustive list of services on covers financial problems, problems with the insurance company, inconveniences of online purchases, etc.

The order to pay, a simplified procedure to know

Recovery procedure unilateral judicial order, the order to pay is one of the most requested services on Following a referral, a qualified jurisdiction comes out an order requiring the opposing party to pay the amount due. In accordance with article 1405 of the Code of Civil Procedures, the district or commercial court has jurisdiction to render this decision.

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During an order for payment, the judge obliges the debtor to settle his debts. The order has an enforceable formula, that is to say it has the value of a court decision. It may be supported by a written agreement between the two disputing parties, a debt contract or other material evidence. In certain situations, the bill of exchange or the promissory note will be held as supporting document.

Before request an order for payment, we must respect the different stages of a peaceful resolution. For example, it will be necessary to go through an attempt at an amicable settlement. Sending a letter of formal notice is also essential. After the failure of conciliation by a mediator, you must refer the matter to the district court.

Reasons to use the services of the LegalTech platform

France has more than 200 so-called legaltech companies. These platforms exclusively offer their services online. The services are enormously varied and are not limited only to litigation. For example, it is possible to entrust the drafting of a legal statute to an expert. Before referral to the competent courts, other steps, including mediation, are possible.

Notaries, bailiffs or lawyers respond to clients who request their help via On this platform, 6 out of 10 plaintiffs win their cases. In any case, accessibility to legal services is a real advantage. Then, the clarity of the answers provided by the lawyers constitutes another appreciable point.

Internet users’ opinions suggest that purchases on the Web are at the origin of numerous disputes reported on the platform. In most cases, a simple letter of formal notice from a bailiff is enough to turn the situation around to the complainant’s advantage. The applicants also noted great responsiveness on the part of the lawyers. What could be better??