Looking for work in digital marketing

Are you looking for work in digital marketing and you don’t know how to proceed? Follow the guide, we help you find work in this promising sector.


Digital marketing specialties

Digital marketing is an extremely broad subject. Saying that you do digital marketing is like saying that you cook, without specifics, it is difficult for a recruiter to know what your skills really are. This is why it is essential to specify the levers that you master and the level of knowledge and experience that you have for each of these levers. You can then work on a digital marketing resume template.


One of the essential levers to know in digital marketing is SEO or natural referencing on search engines, obviously with Google in mind. Within SEO itself, several specialties exist. Indeed, this lever works around three pillars: technique, semantics (words) and popularity (links). Therefore, you will need to be able to objectively evaluate yourself and show your skills in these segments of SEO. Do you know how to do a technical SEO audit of a site? Do you know how to write SEO content optimized for a target query? Do you know how to deploy a back-links strategy? This is roughly what your CV should reflect for SEO.


SEA encompasses all paid referencing levers with Google Ads at the top of the list. The idea is then to complement SEO by doing paid SEO. You will need to have analytical skills, but also in-depth skills on how the auction platform works. Precisely define the auction strategy and the objectives to be achieved. Several formats exist on Google Ads, obviously including advertising on the search network, but not only that. Indeed, for E-Commerce sites the Google Shopping format through the Google Merchant Center interface is essential to master. More generally, the display format will also be interesting to work with depending on your objectives, particularly awareness.

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Social media or social network management is an integral part of digital marketing. A specialty in its own right, social networks are divided into two parts. The organic management of these networks with an editorial line strategy and a publication calendar. But also an advertising strategy on social networks, echoing Google Ads. You will need to know how to position yourself between organic and paid on social media, because they are quite distinct skills.

Direct marketing

Email marketing and SMS marketing still have a bright future ahead of them, but you have to be creative and bold to remain effective on these levers. In particular, it is essential to master the logic of automation allowing scenarios to be triggered based on user behavior. For example, for E-Commerce, a customer may receive a specific message if it has been more than 60 days since they ordered anything on the site, the goal is to motivate them to come back.