Seigneurs des classes déchues 1

Lords of the Fallen has four very powerful secret classes and unlocking them can be real torture

When we start a game in Lords of the Fallen, we must choose a class which largely determines our play style. Hexworks offers us nine fairly varied base classes with their own statistics, equipment and background. However, there are four other classes that can be obtained throughout the adventure… although it is not easy at all.

HAS nine initial classes (Holy Knight, Udirangrian Battlewolf, Partisan, Infant of Mournstead, Blackfeather Warden, Exiled Stalker, Oriusan Purifier, Pyric Acolyte and Damned) are joined by the following:

  • Crusader of Darkness.
  • Resplendent purifier.
  • Sir.
  • Son of Rot.

Needless to say, these additional classes are particularly powerful. And how do we get them? Here begins the penance of every player who wishes to have them in their inventory. Only one does not have the requirement to reach the end of the game… and it is not at all encouraging to complete them all.

The easiest to acquire is the Crusader of Darkness , which is the weakest class of the four secrets. He’s a classic paladin: physical damage combined with burst magic to heal and buff. It is included in the Deluxe Edition of Lords of the Fallen . If you don’t have this edition, then you need to follow Paladin Isaac’s questline, which begins with an item we found during the first few minutes of the adventure.

He Resplendent Purifier This is achieved by completing the Shining End. He considers himself the “good” one. Simply purify at least one of the five corrupted wards and face the final boss. We are faced with a magician who uses Resplendent magic. You could say that this is a more powerful version of the Oriusan Purifier. It’s worth it for the clothes alone!

He Sir This is the reward for those who unlock Hell’s End or Adyr’s End. He considers himself the “bad guy”. To obtain it, you must avoid purifying a single corruption and obtain the Rune of Adyr. Giving more details is like giving away spoilers, but the moral is that you’re rooting for the very bad villain. It’s a slow class, but with a lot of power and the ability to deal damage.

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Finally, the Threads of Rot This is the most complicated class to obtain due to the complexity of its missions. You must obtain the end of the shadow or the Dénouement of the Threshold. We must not interact with corruption at any time and must follow the missions given to us by the worshipers of the Threshold, which inevitably involve killing several NPCs and obtaining the Rune of Adyr. This is one of the most interesting and attractive classes due to its great dark power.