freebox os How to configure Freebox OS?

Many of you have trusted the Free operator and given in to the temptation of the quality of their internet boxes. Today, there are millions of households equipped with Freeboxes, and although commissioning the equipment is relatively simple to implement, many users lack the experience to correctly configure their box. How to install your box, and how to use the mafreebox service? This is what we will see in the rest of this article.

A service for all freebox users

If you have a Freebox, you can go to the dedicated site It collects a plethora of data about your internet activity, some of which you may find useful.

It is a true digital tool that can be used on any computer.

Freebox details:

The current status of your freebox can be examined in detail by clicking on the “Information” tab.

On this page you will find general information such as the model of your freebox, the connection mode you are using or the time elapsed since your freebox started.

The telephone component indicates the status of the telephone whether it is off-hook and on-hook, and finally whether it is ringing or not.

A significant part of ADSL is dedicated to recording your connection activity and bandwidth usage.

But also its condition, its protocol and its mode. The wifi component will lead you to discover its status, model, channel and network status.

The name of your wifi network and the type of key it uses will be visible to you. Finally, you can check if freewifi is activated or not. The network tab allows you to see a summary of network consumption.

You will be able to see your IP address, whether router mode is activated or not, and the MAC address of your freebox.

The last section, the network interface, details the different outgoing and incoming connections, integrating USB and ethernet cables.

Free Multiposte with MaFreebox:

Download playlist is a button that you will find in the multi-station tab. If you have a freebox, you can connect to this service to watch your favorite TV shows online.

For this service to work, you must not only subscribe to the Freebox TV offer, but also download the VLC application.

You can also use this service to log in remotely by going to and entering your username and password.

But it is also a program that can record the usage habits and statistics of your freebox.

It is also compatible with any web browser, making it easier to use.

In short, this is a valuable contact address to have on hand.

It not only offers you entertainment possibilities, but also online and real-time data. A method to find out and adjust the settings of your freebox.

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Freebox OS 4.5: a new administration interface accessible from

What is Freebox OS?

Freebox OS is a tool designed to manage your entire internet network. You can access it from your computer or more recently with your Smartphone or tablet using an application.

This interface has been designed to facilitate the configuration of your freebox and also to manage your internet traffic and add parental control. You can also use it to schedule the recording of a show via your free box.

It also includes features allowing you to monitor internet activities. You will be able to monitor bandwidth usage and view or interrupt current downloads. In addition, you will always be able to access freebox OS even while traveling.

How to access Freebox OS?

The steps to follow may vary depending on your location. The task will in fact be more or less tedious if you do not have access to the router provided by your ISP.

If you are in your home, you must use a device connected to your home network. After launching a web browser, go to This being said before, you land on a page with the “first connection” button. You must then press this button and follow the instructions to be able to set your password. Afterwards, all that remains is to authenticate to access the administration interface.

If you want to launch freebox OS from your workplace or when you are traveling, you will first need to authorize remote connections. With this in mind, you must follow the steps described above to access your personal space. Afterwards, you must go to “Freebox settings” then “Access management” to “Activate remote access”. Once this function is activated, you should obtain an address which will allow you to directly access the interface. Of course, you will need to authenticate for greater security.

How to access Freebox OS from outside?

Before you can access the Freebox OS interface from the outside, it is important to first authorize remote connection to it. To do this, you will need to go to the address from a computer connected to your local network (ethernet or wi-fi) and from the tab Freebox settings, go to the part Access management to allow remote access by checking the box Enable password authentication.

You will then just have to copy the address that will be displayed and use it from a device connected to the internet to go to the management interface of your Freebox. Please note that you will also need your username and password to connect to the interface from a remote browser.

remote freebox

Configure your free router using freebox OS: how to proceed?

Truth be told, routers provided by ISPs are mostly ready to use. You will not need to carry out any special manipulation for everything to be perfectly functional. Of course, you can always change the password for your WiFi network. In any case, Freebox OS allows you to have at your fingertips all the essential modules to manage your internet traffic and configure the way in which your connected devices can interact with the network. This will also help you monitor bandwidth usage.