preparer son depart a la retraite

Manage the formalities for retirement

You are approaching retirement age and the scale of the formalities scares you. We will see that the State has put in place a fairly efficient and faster system for applying for retirement. However, we will see that it is still necessary to check a certain number of points, especially when you have an atypical professional career.

At what age should you worry about your retirement?

Most people start to worry about the different retirement procedures around 55 years old. This is the age when we generally take stock of our career and begin to find out about the status of our rights. Today, the State, the InfoRetraite portal, a site where you can consult your career and correct it if necessary. However, the correction section is only accessible to people over 55 years old. You can have access to a simulator which allows you to estimate the amount of your pension and the age at which it will be possible to leave with a full pension.

Today, more and more people aged 40 are already starting to anticipate their retirement by buying back quarters (corresponding to the years of study), by making investments intended for provide additional income (PER, real estate, etc.), or by optimizing their career plan.

How to complete retirement formalities?

Today, for retirement, it is preferable to plan 4 to 6 months in advance. The request is made to the employer of course, but also to the pension fund(s) to which you have contributed (see the list of supplementary pension funds). Some funds are said to be affiliated and allow applicants to use the online application service offered by the InfoRetraite website. In other cases, it is necessary to make the request for liquidation of rights with each fund, which can take some time if you have changed jobs often, if you have gone from employee status to TNS status or if you have worked abroad ( in this case, you will have to make the request to the fund to which you contributed abroad). It is therefore essential to keep documents relating to your professional life (pay slips, employment contracts, certificate of right to unemployment, etc.).

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How do you know your retirement age?

Since the last legislative reform, the minimum legal retirement age is 64 years for people born after 1968 if they have completed all of the required quarters (43 years of contributions must be made, i.e. 172 quarters). For people born before 1968, the age and number of quarters required vary. Otherwise, a discount will be applied, unless you find yourself in one of the following situations:

  • Early departure for a long career (if the person started working before age 20)
  • Handicapped worker
  • Permanent incapacity for work following a work accident or occupational illness
  • Worker exposed to asbestos

The maximum retirement age at full rate is set at 67, regardless of the number of quarters completed.