Managing your Parcoursup file: Scholarship, Admission criteria and Managing your project, how to do it?

Thanks to My Parcours Postbac, it becomes easier to prepare an admission file on Parcoursup, the national higher education platform. This type of assistance allows you to formulate up to 10 distinct wishes and to be recalled by as many universities. Even before obtaining the baccalaureate, future students will need to find out what awaits them if they pass the tests. Here are some practical tips.

Fulfill the different admission criteria

There are at least 18 criteria that future academics must meet when registering on Parcoursup. In particular, credible cover letters will be required for study projects. The number of wishes expressed, that is to say preferred sectors, also counts in the selection of files. Then, there is participation in associative activities or experience in volunteering. Details such as obtaining a scholarship, academic results since the second year, geographical distance will be checked by those in charge.

To help future students optimize their file, the My Parcours Postbac platform offers its in-depth analysis. Information about the person is presented in the form of curves and graphs. These illustrations allow you to visualize the relevance of the application on Parcoursup. Reviewing strengths and weaknesses helps enormously in making wishes that match the profile. The purpose of an individual interview is to adjust your university course choices.

Offering personalized services against a single payment, the My Parcours Postbac platform also suggests that its customers take inspiration from the various files of students who have succeeded thanks to its help. These are applications with multiple accepted wishes. Although the academic must follow a single course, having several choices for higher education constitutes an advantage. Later, the person will have the joy of having pursued a path that they have decided with full knowledge of the facts.

Register on Parcoursup and wait for responses from establishments

Students in the final year of their final year must create a file on Parcoursup before even taking the baccalaureate. Registration on the higher studies platform is open from mid-January to mid-April. Each candidate can make up to 10 wishes. If he passes the baccalaureate, he will be able to join the establishment which accepted him since May. In fact, universities and grandes écoles respond to the wishes addressed to them approximately 4 weeks after the end of the closing date for application submissions.

There are several scenarios. If the university responds with a “yes”, this means that the person is admitted to the first year of university at the establishment of their choice, provided they successfully pass their baccalaureate. Then, there is also the “yes yes” answer. In this case, the student is admitted, but he must continue an individual support course. Then, if the university says that he is “waiting”, this means that he is already on a list, but you will have to wait for places to become available.

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Responses from higher education establishments are sent to the personal space of each registrant. The latter must then check it regularly from the beginning of June. Having several “acceptances” could constitute additional motivation to take the baccalaureate exams. Furthermore, it is possible to receive emails or SMS messages. The future student can indicate the number of his parents so that they are informed at the same time as him.

Write relevant cover letters for each project

A cover letter is required for each training wish. Careful writing of this letter can improve the chances of being admitted. Before even formalizing their registration on the Parcoursup platform, each candidate must work on the letters they will send to the universities. There are no hard and fast rules, but the following tips may help.

The cover letter should be both simple and explicit. The introduction will confirm whether it meets these qualities. The ideal catchphrase should be short, but above all honest. There is no point in talking about favorite subjects in final year class. A wording such as “… in relation to my study project, I would like to integrate training in Information and Communication Sciences…” should suffice. You will just need to mention the name of the establishment and the sector at the top of the letter.

To confirm their keen interest, but also in order to personalize their letter, the candidate can mention facts which attest to this. He could, for example, say that he attended an open day organized by the training establishment and that the event allowed him to decide on his choice of orientation. It is even better if it is possible to cite the courses or activities having any connection with the chosen sector. The tone should remain formal, but with the obligatory formality.

Apply for a university scholarship

Before their admission to a higher education establishment, academics wishing to benefit from a scholarship can apply for one. To do this, they must follow a unique procedure called DES or student social file. The procedure must be completed on the website It is also the platform for obtaining accommodation on campus. Once the first steps have been completed, the applicant receives a confirmation email.

Then, the CROUS regional center for university and school works in its geographical area sends it an agreement in principle. This entity also gives him a conditional notification to show to the establishment which will welcome him in his first year. The award of the scholarship will only be confirmed when the student has actually completed their administrative and educational registration. The money is granted from the 5th of each month.

Only students under the age of 28 are eligible for a university scholarship. There is an exemption for those who have volunteered for the army or who have a physical disability. Otherwise, the grant is also conditioned by the income of the parents or the number of dependent children. Finally, geographical distance is among the main eligibility criteria. Those whose family home is more than 249 km from the establishment where they will pursue their higher studies have priority.