L'aventure d'exploration marine deviendra un jeu en tant que service axé sur le multijoueur

Marine exploration adventure will become a multiplayer-focused game-as-a-service

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has left us in recent years the unforgettable adventure of Subnautica and its Below Zero expansion, although the company intended to expand this universe even further. This led him to announce in April 2022 that he was working on a brand new game in the series, although at that time it was only known as Project M .

Now, thanks to the latest financial report released by Krafton, the company that acquired the team, it has been revealed that this title will respond to the name of Subnautic 2 nothing more. Additionally, in the same document, some very important details were revealed about what we can expect from this new opus.

One of the most remarkable new features is that it will have a multiplayer mode which will be its main asset, although it can also be played alone. Those who prefer to share the experience with others can form groups of up to four players to explore the depths of the sea together and discover all the secrets hidden on an ocean planet different from the one we already knew.

To make this even better and more realistic we will use the Unreal Engine 5 graphics engine, which they have guaranteed will allow us to enjoy very impressive quality. On the other hand, the gameplay will bet on a gaming-as-a-service model promising that it will have huge replayability, without going into more detail about it.

However, it has not yet been indicated which platforms will welcome the arrival of Subnautic 2 nor have official documents for this sequel been provided. At least, its launch is planned this year on a date to be determined.

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