M. Jr.

Mario also has his dark side and there was even a very classic video game in which he became the big bad.

In Nintendo video games, certain characters are considered true heroes for the number of times they have fought evil, saved princesses, saved the world, prevented disasters, etc. Without a doubt Mario He is one of the characters that best fits this group. At least that’s the impression he always gives because of his good humor and his courage.

However, this was not always the case. Even the plumber himself from the big N He showed he could be a great villain and perfectly assumes the role of the villain. To do this, we have to go back more than 40 years ago, when the legendary Donkey Kong Jr. for recreational machines and later had a version for NES.

The title in question is a sequel to the classic Donkey Kong . In this first part, it was Mario who had to save Pauline from the clutches of Donkey Kong by completing a few levels. Perhaps for this reason, to take revenge so that he can feel his own medicine, Mario manages to capture the one who was previously his enemy and locks him in a cage, which causes Donkey Kong Jr. to take on the role of the protagonist for save his father. .

The mechanics were exactly the same as its predecessor. , it was therefore necessary to overcome certain phases with a few enemies, traps and very tight jumps. Until the final level, Donkey Kong Jr. manages to free his father from the chains that hold him, while Mario ends up tasting the bitter taste of defeat after the pair of monkeys completely thwart his evil plans.

It would seem that this was more than enough, because from this point on, Mario is no longer the villain of any other video game. However, to avoid associating him with an evil character, in the original artistic image of this adventure his appearance has been changed , so he had a slimmer body, he was taller and his face was also different. In fact, if his clothes had been a different color, he might have looked like a brother of Wario or Waluigi.

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