GDPR for advertisers

photo représentant la loi RGPD

The repercussions of the GDPR have caused a lot of noise in the world of online advertising and the number of Internet users who have chosen to share their data is increasingly minimal, although with an unexpected backlash for advertisers because consumers who still sharing their data online has a much greater value, the latter having “nothing to hide”… Since

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What marketing strategies should be used to promote online gaming?


In the very lucrative and increasingly successful world of online gaming and betting, competition is raging and marketing strategies to promote this type of activity are becoming more and more varied on a digital scale. The gaming industry is constantly evolving and each player wants to do well in the game. Among the strategies adopted to promote these online activities,

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Salesforce: Discover the cloud-based CRM solution

logo de salesforce

Salesforce: Beginner’s Guide No matter what industry you work in, it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Salesforce. But you may also be wondering “what is Salesforce CRM?”. Headquartered in San Francisco, Salesforce is a cloud computing company founded in 1999 by Marc Benioff, the company’s president and CEO. Salesforce arguably created the modern software-as-a-service (SaaS) market with its customer

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Google Analytics: complete file on the flagship tool

logo google analytics

A favorite tool of website publishers, Google Analytics measures the audience with explicit statistics and graphs. It has the merit of being intuitive, accessible and above all free. If you still have gray areas regarding this online service, the next insights are intended for you. Why use Google Analytics? As the name clearly suggests, Google Analytics measures the number of

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Customer relationship management: CRM an essential tool

illustration logiciel crm

CRM, under this abbreviation of English origin which means Customer Relationship Management (Gestion de la Relation Client en Français) brings together all the methods and techniques aimed at optimizing the relationship of your company and your customers but also of your prospects. These methods applied by all major CAC 40 companies are entirely managed by dedicated software and applications. To

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The promotional bag: a marketing tool for brands and businesses

sac publicitaire

With its serious advantages, the advertising bag has become in just a few years the favorite communication medium for businesses and major brands. This marketing support has many advantages. Economical, practical for the user and equipped with a large printable surface, it is a communication medium that it would be a shame to do without. If you are considering investing

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Web marketing, what is it?


In the 2.0 era, web marketing is on everyone’s lips. According to some enthusiastic business leaders, this approach would be the future of any structure wishing to develop. But, what is web marketing in concrete terms and can it really keep its promises? This is what we are going to know through these few lines. Web marketing in brief Web

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What alternatives to Shareasale?


Shareasale is one of the largest affiliate platforms in the world. With more than 16,000 partner companies, this site has attracted many web entrepreneurs wanting to create a source of recurring income. However, for some, the adventure ended in an unexpected way. Indeed, the platform can terminate the partnership at any time if you violate the terms of use. For

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Odigo: The leading CCAAS platform in its field


Leader in the field of contact center platforms, Odigo is a solution based entirely on the cloud. It allows businesses and administrations to optimize the management of their customer relationship centers thanks to numerous innovations and the power of the cloud. What are the advantages of the Odigo solution and associated services? We find out later in this article! Optimize

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How to promote an eco-responsible product strategy?

Comment mettre en avant une stratégie produit éco-responsable ?

One of the worrying challenges of our time remains environmental protection. It involves reducing greenhouse gases. To preserve natural resources, products from different sectors must be ecological, resistant and therefore less polluting. But how to succeed in an eco-responsible product strategy? Importance of ecological packaging in an eco-responsible product strategy Product consumers, associations and politicians are becoming more and more

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Discovering Branding Management

branding management

A well-found and perfectly managed brand can be a growth factor for a company. The latter has an interest in developing a whole strategy around its name. It is important to build a reputation and associate values. This article explains the entire marketing concept to you in detail. This is what branding management is. Branding management begins with brand creation

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Communication: 5 graphic creations and their prices

communication-graphiques creations tarifs

Whether physical or virtual, communication is very important for a business. Depending on the needs, the available budget, the target, the type of communication or even the type of business, there are various communication media. In addition, the graphic designers who take care of their design have different profiles and charge varying prices. All these considerations give rise to a

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