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Marketing techniques derived from the online casino industry

In the field of Igaming, and more specifically, that of online casinos, competition is tough. The market has many sites, all in direct competition in the gambling niche. This can also concern so-called addictive games like slot machines, as well as more traditional games like poker or blackjack. In this area, each player implements more or less daring and unique marketing techniques with the simple and sole aim of converting visitors into players, and retaining their one-off or occasional customers. On this point, the marketing techniques used by the different players deserve attention, they are in fact applicable to the field of e-commerce.

To give you an overview of the innovation brought by these marketing techniques, we have decided to analyze the current market and summarize the methods most applied to date.
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Welcome bonuses, a targeted weapon to attract new players

In the field of gambling and particularly casinos, welcome bonuses are one of the most widespread marketing weapons. Comparable to the welcome offers found on a large majority of marketplaces, bonuses offer players the opportunity to benefit from various advantages when registering. Generally speaking, players are offered to increase their initial bets, but not only that.

There are as many different offers as there are online casinos, and on this point, the benefits are such that the main players in the market do not hesitate to aim broadly to encourage new players to register. Some even rely on the principle of a no deposit bonus, that is to say, crediting the player’s account with real money to allow them to get started and enjoy the games they offer. Among the type of bonus offered, we find offers allowing you to double the initial stake, progressive bonuses, increasing according to the credit level that you initially pay when you register, but also free spins (or spins). This can range from 20 to 200 spins on slot games and other popular activities.

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How to apply this marketing principle to the field of commerce? and quite simply by offering your customers a service or a reduction when they register or make their first purchase. Don’t hesitate to be more original than your competitors and stand out! this principle is also applicable to social networks, subscription to a newsletter, etc. …The opportunities are numerous.

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The VIP Club, ideal for retaining your customers.

Under the name “VIP Club” is simply the equivalent of a loyalty program reserved for registered members. This type of program is above all put in place to ensure that customers come back regularly to test the new offers while, of course, taking advantage of discounts reserved for them. The feeling of being part of a “closed” club strengthens the customer’s confidence and allows them to become ambassadors to those around them (social networks, friends, forums, etc.). This type of marketing action is often accompanied by a tier system, thus guaranteeing greater benefits to the most loyal customers. Here are some examples of the benefits

  • Access to exclusive VIP events
  • Birthday gifts and personalized offers
  • Gaming tables reserved for club members
  • Tiered Credit Bonus