Mavanime: How to use this anime streaming site and what are the alternatives?

With the emergence of numerous streaming sites, how can you watch popular anime like Full Metal Alchemist, One Piece or Naruto for free? We tell you everything about Mavanime, a reference site for free streaming anime.

Finding good quality Japanese anime in VF or VOSTFR is sometimes a real obstacle course. Although, the offers available on the web are numerous. And there are many streaming sites offering anime for free, but at lower quality. This is not the case with Mavanime. The site profile seems to be very interesting. At present, Mavanime is still little known to Internet users, even though it is an interesting streaming site, both in terms of content and quality.

What is Mavanime?

Before going into details, wouldn’t it be necessary to start with the essentials, that is to say the presentation of the site? If you agree with me, I’ll tell you what exactly it is. Mavanime is none other than a platform dedicated to the distribution of films and series, Japanese anime in other words, from Japanese animation studios. Like other free video sites, Mavanime offers you two options: streaming or downloading videos for free. It is necessary for you to know that the videos broadcast by Mavanime are not hosted directly by the platform. It instead broadcasts content hosted by external platforms, which could slow down the loading of videos.

Despite everything, Mavanime is a site popular with the French when it comes to anime in VF or VOSTFR. You also have the choice between viewing content in HD or lowering the quality to save your data. Viewing or downloading content is completely free on Mavanime and the site does not require any registration. On the other hand, advertisements regularly appear in pop-ups. A setting that could bother some users, but in the majority of cases, they are not necessarily invasive.

Mavanime: how does the site work?

The simplicity makes Mavanime an interesting site. Access to the site and the platform is also very easy. To do this, all you have to do is open your browser and enter the official address (I’ll give it to you later) of the site in the address bar. Once on the home page, you access a fairly simple, but very intuitive interface. You can also have access to recently added and referenced anime episodes. The bottom part is for sorting content by date or popularity.

We also see an interesting quality that Mavanime has compared to other streaming sites. This is the ease of playing the videos offered without having to choose between several players.

Is Mavanime legal or not?

You probably expect the answer to be a resounding “YES”. Unfortunately, platforms that distribute content for free, when it is a paid film or series, operate in inequality. And since Mavanime is one of these sites, it is no exception to the rule: it is illegal. Which means that if you surf the site, you too are breaking the law. But generally, it is the sites that are sanctioned and not the users. And the authorities and rights holders only target the creators and administrators of illegal sites.

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However, it is better to be vigilant, even if you are not directly threatened. I highly recommend using a VPN or proxy to access Mavanime. This will, firstly, allow you to bypass blocks and secondly, to disguise your location by hiding your real IP address. Finally, in the event that you see a request for registration, payment or identity appear, be careful and leave immediately. This is a fake site and you are not on the official Mavanime website at all.

What is the new official address of Mavanime?

As promised, I will give you the official address of Mavanime in this part of the article. Despite your connection attempts, if you cannot access the site, it is because it is a blocking or a voluntary change of URL in order to avoid the risk of sanctions. But rest assured, the site is accessible from this new address: If you enter the URL manually, make sure it is correct, otherwise you will not be able to connect. To make it easier, copy and paste. This will allow you to not forget anything and access the site with just one click.

In the event that this new address is not accessible, not now, but soon, you can always return to this page. Updates will be made so that you can inform yourself of address changes.

Alternatives to Mavanime

The anime you are looking for is not available on Mavanime? The site is inaccessible despite your connection attempts? Can’t find interesting content on the site? Don’t worry, you have other alternatives at your disposal to watch and download your favorite anime in VF or VOSTFR.

In first place is Vostfree, one of the most popular anime streaming sites with French consumers. It offers a catalog that is as rich as it is varied, and the organization of the site allows you to easily find the content you are looking for.

In second place, we find VoirAnime, a site well known by fans of Japanese anime and which offers the broadcast of the most popular anime and eats of the moment.

Finally, here is Adkami, a platform whose navigation is very simple and whose catalog is very vast. The site also offers a page dedicated to news about your favorite anime, what more could you ask for?

Aside from free streaming sites, you can also opt for the paid offers offered by video platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video. Paramout+ will soon be available, but in the meantime, you can take advantage of paid offers just as you can benefit from free streaming on sites like Mavanime.