mega nz what to think of this secure cloud service

Called Megaupload before it closed in 2012, is a storage space with a free offer. This cloud service uses end-to-end encryption for optimal security. Here’s everything we think about this collaborative tool. gets better with time

Launched in January 2013, has improved over time. Its services are aimed at professionals and individuals. In 10 years of existence, this service has recorded 250 million registrations. 10 million users would be active daily. This New Zealand service provider faces IT giants in a highly coveted market. Among its competitors, there is Google Drive, Apple iCloud and Dropbox.

The reliability and diversity of offers have allowed to climb into the top 5 online storage services. Its developers continue to offer new features to face competitive pressure from GAFA and rising stars in the sector. Indeed, platforms such as Nordlocker or Tresorit manage to find a place in the ranking of the top 10 Cloud providers thanks to technological innovation.

Online storage without the hassle

Being free is another major advantage for this cloud service. As with Google storage, it allows users to save up to 15 GB of data in all possible formats without paying anything. Professionals who need more capacity will be able to choose from several pricing plans. The cheapest of all, the plan called Pro Lite offers storage of up to 400 GB of data while Drive is limited to 100 GB.

In addition to saving files online, is a collaborative transfer space. The Pro III plan allows up to 16 TB of data to be made available to recipients. Individuals benefiting from the free 15 GB will also be able to participate in a program which invites them to collect points and earn more Gigabytes of capacity. For example, simply invite a friend to join the platform for 10 GB of additional storage for a year.

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A cloud collaborative platform

The publishers of define their service as very secure and high-end. THE end-to-end encryption allows data to be protected from any interception. You must use a password. If the latter is forgotten, the user is entitled to a backup recovery key. At the same time, the platform uses double authentication based on link authorization. Added to this is a functionality designed to ward off ransomware.

Mega is mobile friendly. Its encryption is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. The platform is also suitable for Huawei terminals. This Chinese brand is forced to develop its own OS after being accused by the Trump administration of industrial espionage. In addition, the storage space is accessible from several devices running Windows, MacOS or Linux. Extensions for Chrome, Edege and Firefox make the task simpler. In addition, hard drives and servers (QNAP/Synology) are also compatible.



  • Easy subscription and intuitive interface
  • Premium end-to-end encryption
  • No advertising at all stages
  • Drive equivalent free offer
  • Accessible paid plan (€5 to €30)

The lessers

  • The service is inaccessible/blocked in some countries.
  • The transfer speed leaves something to be desired.
  • The previous cloud service, Megaupload was shut down by the FBI in 2012