MerciCam: Jacquie and Michel launch into social networks and naughty cam

Jacquie and Michel are everywhere. Currently, they are also getting into social media and naughty camming. A new site dedicated to interactions between their fans. The site is called MerciCam and this time, the leaders of amateur porn have decided to put online a social platform that sees double: Flow and Live.

MerciCam, Jacquie and Michel’s new social platform

At first glance, Flow seems very similar to Twitter. After registration, each user has their own profile. He will indeed be able to share content, an idea, or even a thought on the platform.

The site is still in the testing phase. This results in only allowing the sending of messages and images. Soon, video support will be added to the platform.

As it is an exchange platform, Flow has a tracking system that allows users to follow another user and vice versa. This is to facilitate exchanges between members registered on the site.

In other words, if you subscribe to the profile of any member, their content will be visible to you from their “Flow”. All publications will then appear and this is done in antechronological order. In this case, the person who subscribed will read all the content published (photos and messages) by the person they follow.

Anyway, MerciCam is not limited to following or subscribing to a profile. A second section is also available on the platform: the Live function.

Simple exchanges between users

Still on Flow, a button allowing you to launch live discussions is available on the left of the screen. It’s a button that has another objective: to direct users to a platform dedicated to naughty cams. Yes, we expected it. It’s impossible not to find something naughty with Jacquie and Michel.

Anyone who has a MerciCam profile can therefore create a video channel. The platform is quite simple to use and its interface is still very neat. On the left of the screen, you will see all the connected profiles appear. Pictograms are also displayed so that users can easily recognize what kind of profile it is.

Opening a user’s cam is done by clicking on their name (still in the list displayed on the left), and pressing “Play”. By pressing the “Play” button, you will have access to the stream which will be displayed in the central part of the window. You can also, if you wish, open several broadcasts simultaneously.

On the right side of your screen, you can access text chat. A function allowing you to start a discussion with other users, depending on their favorite topic.

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Subscription offers to take full advantage of the platform

On Flow as on Live, basic functions remain free. But subscription solutions are available for those who want to push the limits and go further with the new social platform launched by Jacquie and Michel.

This time, Jacquie and Michel are offering five subscription plans, including a two-day trial for €2, a monthly subscription for €19.90, a quarterly subscription for €54.90, a half-yearly subscription for €104.90. € and an annual subscription at €190.90.

These are some subscription plans which will be renewed automatically. So if you opt for a two-day trial, for example, you will automatically be switched to the monthly offer. And there is no solution to cancel the subscription, short of contacting support.

However, the adult entertainment troublemakers plan to give more flexibility and flexibility to the platform with the final version. The one that’s live right now is only the Beta version, so let’s hope the changes come soon.

Towards the evolution of guest mode

We noted many limitations regarding the free version of MerciCam dedicated to guests. When sharing photos on Flow, only the first image is sharp and visible, the rest is blurred.

Live is also limited to just a few minutes of viewing. Guest accounts cannot watch an entire live stream. After a certain time, the lives disconnect automatically.

According to Jacquie and Michel, the evolution of guest profiles will come based on the increase in the number of users who register on the site.

We would still like to point out that apart from monetizing the service, Jacquie and Michel also thought about setting up a points loyalty system, allowing users to win virtual gifts. For example, there is the rose which will be available at 3 points, and chocolate or champagne from 5 points.

Please note that the points in question can only be obtained with real money. Several formulas are in fact available:

  • 10 points for €10;
  • 22 points for €20;
  • 55 points for €50;
  • 110 points for €100.

Upcoming improvements and updates

So what is the rest of the program? Will Jacquie and Michel be satisfied with the current version of MerciCam or are they planning to make updates to their new social platform? In fact, they announced that version 2.0 of MerciCam will be available soon. A V2 which will allow users to sell their content. Whether it’s their images, their videos or their Lives.

As for the points gift system, developments and improvements are also expected. This would be a more profitable formula.

Other projects are underway and for the next five years, the company plans to reduce its share of videos to 10%. As a reminder, the videos published and broadcast on Jacquie and Michel’s sites represent 30% of their turnover. And MerciCam, for its part, constitutes a real future project for the couple.