Messenger: 5 hidden features you absolutely must know!

Owned by Meta since 2014, Messenger is a messaging service integrated into Facebook. It is yet another social network belonging to Mark Zuckerberg alongside Instagram and WhatsApp. The chat tool no longer needs to be presented to Internet users, its features still remain to be explored for many. Check out some of them.

Read a Messenger message, without the “SEEN” notification

It is entirely possible to read messages on Messenger without being noticed by the interlocutor. The trick for not having the “SEEN” notification works on all types of smartphones, especially with the iPhone. On Apple models, you have to press a message long enough for it to appear overlay without being opened. To exit this preview, gently click anywhere on the screen while avoiding touching the chat window.

Discrete playback is also available on Android. The approach remains the same, but with a little emphasis. To put it simply, activate rotation mode and tilt the device horizontally so that the message is displayed very clearly. Please remember that it is always possible to change your status to “Deactivated” to remove the green pin which indicates that you are online.

Check hidden or filtered messages

Sometimes Facebook filters messages from people who are not yet on your friend list. You should then check the contents of the spam box from time to time. Concretely, you will have to go to the “Settings” button, then choose the “Invitation by message” line. Requests found there may be accepted or declined.

Facebook reassures that opening filtered messages poses no danger. The risk becomes real if the conversation is started by a response from you. Before that, you always have the possibility to check the profile of your interlocutor. Maybe you know this person after all.

Lock the conversation with App Lock mode

Facebook developed distinct features on iPhones before rolling it out to all Smartphones. This is the case with App Lock. Locking Messenger secures the conversations you want. You need biometric data to be able to open it. This is information previously configured in your phone, in particular fingerprint or facial recognition.

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To activate App Lock mode, go to “Settings”, then to the “Confidentiality” line. The latter opens to several commands, but go to “Apps Lock”. This feature is set to “Off” by default, just press it once. Drag the slider to the right when you see the “Require Face ID” option. The dialog box asks you after how long you want to automatically lock your Messenger messages.

Encrypt exchanges to protect anonymity

Messenger users can benefit from end-to-end encryption. This security of the conversation is offered as an option on the instant messaging platform while it has been available on WhatsApp since 2016. Thanks to this encryption, your conversations are protected against any form of interception. Neither pirates nor hackers or even Zuckerberg himself will be able to read them.

To activate message encryption on Messenger, you must go to Settings. Go to the Privacy line. All you have to do is press “Secret conversations”. That’s not all: select the chat you would like to encrypt. To do this, you have to choose the name of a contact, then activate encryption. If the color is different from the rest of the dialogs, the additional security works.

Communicate with a message that will self-destruct…

Facebook Messenger lets you benefit from a tip seen in Inspector Gadget. Indeed, the message may be automatically destroyed after a certain time. This functionality is reminiscent of Snapchat. You need to activate ephemeral message mode. A countdown is started each time you communicate with this person. Your conversation will disappear permanently after the specified time. They won’t even be stored on the servers.

Only secret messages can become ephemeral. To take advantage of self-destruction, you must activate the red timer that appears on the encrypted conversations interface. Click on a delay and the countdown starts automatically. Please note, this deletion is permanent. If you need to keep a line, you will need to take a screenshot. The suppression does not affect both sides.