MicroStrategy: Know everything about the Cloud-based Business Intelligence platform

MicroStrategy is cloud-based business intelligence software. Find out everything there is to know about one of the most used business intelligence platforms.
Business Intelligence (BI) tools and software enable businesses to make better decisions, drive growth, and better understand their consumers by analyzing data. MicroStrategy is one of the most popular BI systems today.

What is MicroStrategy?

You can use Microstrategy software to generate interactive dashboards, detailed reports, and more. as well as to carry out ad hoc searches. Another advantage is interoperability with mobile devices and integration with Microsoft Office.

All forms of data can be integrated into the MicroStrategy Reporting Tool. It makes it possible, for example, to process data from social networks or big data. Users can quickly build and edit business intelligence reports and dashboards with this solution.

The MicroStrategy story

MicroStrategy was founded in 1989. It anticipates the reality of how companies will use the data they have in the future. As early as 1992, the company signed a $10 million contract with its first major client, American fast food giant McDonald’s. In 1995, the company launched a suite of relational OLAP products for decision support applications. The first personal intelligence network Strategy.com was launched in 1999.

A few years later, in 2004, MicroStrategy brought BI technology to the market. users of Microsoft Office software.
In 2006, the “Multidimensional Expressions” engine was launched to optimize the dynamic MDX syntax.

In 2012, new data discovery capabilities are added with Visual Insight. The entry into the Cloud took place in 2014 with powerful analysis functionalities available on AWS.

MicroStrategy Desktop is now available free to all users starting in 2016.
MicroStrategy Library App, a revolutionary smartphone app, is transforming the world of visual data discovery in 2018.

MicroStrategy features and benefits

MicroStrategy has several significant advantages, which explains its widespread use by companies across a wide range of industries.
To begin with, this tool can be connected and integrated with the majority of business applications and systems. This is a truly effective solution for dealing with Big Data problems. It has many predictive analytics features.

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This product is also available as a cloud service. As a result, users do not have to worry about infrastructure expenses or maintenance limits. This platform, in addition to being direct and easy to use, provides a complete Business Intelligence environment. Therefore, no additional tools are required. Finally, it is compatible with mobile devices.

Elasticity is also a real asset, both in terms of number of users and data or reports. Reports can be formatted in a variety of styles and settings, and they can also be turned into graphs or charts.

The level of granularity of data mining allows us to study the data in great depth. Finally, data can be exported in MS-Excel, HTML or text format.

MicroStrategy Architecture and Features

The MicroStrategy architecture is divided into three parts.
The first component consists of two databases: a Data Warehouse storing the data to be analyzed and a metadata database.

The MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is the second component of this design.
It allows you to generate reports from the Data Warehouse.

Finally, the third component of this design is MicroStrategy’s online client and mobile application.
This is what allows end users to access the reports.

This platform includes tools for data discovery, purification and transformation.
Data mining and predictive analytics are also possible.
To visualize the data, several hundred open source programs are available.

Real-time dashboards allow you to extract continuously updated information from data.
Connection to technologies such as SharePoint, WebSphere, NetWeaver or Power BI, Microsoft’s cloud Business Intelligence solution, is also possible via the “Embedded BI” option.

What is MicroStrategy used for?

The uses of MicroStrategy are many and varied.
Users can, for example, use social media analytics to get an overview of their customers’ comments.

Predictive analytics capabilities are also applied in the banking and insurance industries.
Customer and market data can facilitate new product development.
In general, reporting functions help transform big data into usable information.

MicroStrategy certification and training

MicroStrategy is one of the most popular and widely used enterprise business intelligence systems.
Therefore, its mastery is a highly sought-after skill in all sectors.

DataScientest’s data science training courses can help you learn how to apply it.
Indeed, MicroStrategy is one of the tools that you will learn to use as a data scientist, analyst or engineer through many programs.
These courses will also prepare you for the official MicroStrategy certification.