Midjourney interdit tous les employés de Stability AI pour piratage présumé de données

Midjourney bans all Stability AI employees over suspected data hacking.

At the heart of the competitive artificial intelligence (AI) industry, controversy has erupted between two leading companies in the sector, revealing the high stakes and strategic rivalries that drive this sphere of innovation. Midjourney, a recognized player in the field of AI, recently took the radical decision to indefinitely exclude all employees of Stability AI, a competing company, from the use of its services. This drastic measure follows an incident earlier this month, where a major outage was attributed to suspicious actions allegedly emanating from the Stability AI camp.

An AI conflict against the backdrop of a technical breakdown

The case began with a significant technical outage disrupting Midjourney’s services, during which users found themselves unable to access images generated by their galleries. Midjourney quickly identified the cause of this failure as “botnet activity” related to paid accounts, which it directly linked to Stability AI employees. The accusation relates to an alleged attempt by the latter to massively recover data belonging to Midjourney.

The revelation of these allegations caused a stir in the AI ​​community, in particular sparking reactions from Stability AI. Nick St. Pierre, a Midjourney user who attended an information session, relayed details of the incident, saying the data recovery attempt occurred “in the middle of Saturday night” and appeared to be orchestrated by a member of the Stability AI data team.

Internal response and investigations

Faced with the accusations, the CEO of Stability AI, Emad Mostaque, took to social networks to affirm his commitment to the investigation into the alleged facts, while specifying that his company had not ordered such actions. Mostaque also stressed that, if an employee was indeed the cause of the outage, it would not have been intentional, refuting any notion of an attack intended to cause harm.

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In the spirit of collaboration, Midjourney founder David Holz contributed additional information to Stability AI’s internal investigation.

Lasting consequences for relationships between AI companies

Following this episode, Midjourney not only banned Stability AI employees, but also instituted a strict policy aimed at barring access to any company engaging in “aggressive automation” that could cause service outages. The move marks a significant precedent for how AI companies manage interactions and competition, highlighting the importance of security and ethics in the development of generative technologies.

As the situation continues to evolve, details and responses from both companies remain awaited in order to further shed light on the circumstances and consequences of this matter. This conflict raises fundamental questions about the ethical boundaries and responsibilities of actors in the field of AI, in a context of intense competition for technological innovation.