Miyazaki révèle l'identité de l'un des personnages les plus mystérieux de sa carrière au Studio Ghibli, Sin Cara

Miyazaki reveals the identity of one of the most mysterious characters of his Studio Ghibli career, Sin Cara

Although more than 20 years have passed since its premiere, Spirited Away remains a true experience for anime and manga fans. Hayao Miyazaki’s magnum opus still leaves its mark on many, and there are still unknowns to resolve, such as the identity of one of its most enigmatic characters: Without a face.

Well, several decades later, we were able to find out who is behind this mysterious mask. Thanks to the information offered by ComicBook, which was able to compare these statements with those of Nippon TV, Hayao Miyazaki responded during a presentation to this question that many have asked themselves throughout all these years.

“There are a lot of people like Sin Cara among us… she’s the kind of person who wants to cling to others but has no self-esteem. They’re everywhere.”

The director explained that, more than a person, it is an entity that represents all those people who do not have their own personality and are limited to imitating what they see around them to fall in favor of the people and the people around them. This answer explains why Without a face He is transparent in the film and exhibits sudden personality changes.

For several minutes of the film, we can see how Sin Cara simply imitates Chihiro: calm, calm and waiting for whatever comes. However, once he arrives at the castle, he joins the madness of the guests and begins to swallow everything he finds, turning the place upside down and causing an unforgettable sequence.

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