Monetizing your site through advertising: 4 good reasons to take the plunge

Blogging has become a professional activity in its own right. Today, many bloggers earn income from their sites and some of them even make a living from this passion for writing. Indeed, they have the choice between several solutions to monetize their websites. That said, to date, most webmasters rely on the distribution of advertising content and here’s why!

An economic model at the heart of the internet

We will never stop telling you: digital marketing represents the future! At a time when consumers are increasingly resorting to online purchases, communicating on the internet is crucial for brands. However, they do not necessarily have sufficient visibility to reach their targets. This is why these companies will necessarily have to resort to advertisements. A boon for bloggers who therefore respond to a growing demand for advertising space. In this market, the fierce competition between advertisers also benefits webmasters.

A wide choice of advertising agencies


Those who wonder how to monetize your website will quickly find an advertising agency that meets their needs. These platforms serve as intermediaries between advertisers and website owners. In this area, outsiders like The Moneytizer stand out with a free, no-obligation formula that optimizes its partners’ income. The platform also provides webmasters with an account manager who will be able to demonstrate diligence. To date, the start-up has been able to build a network of 70,000 sites in more than ten languages. The language used by the blogger will therefore not constitute an obstacle to the monetization of his site.

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Good income prospects

A site is destined to grow and if you take care of its SEO, it will benefit from better visibility on search engines. In the long term, your site will therefore attract more visitors. However, these are visitors likely to click on advertisements and your advertising revenue should therefore increase over time. It is therefore preferable to join an advertising agency from the start, even if the amounts received are ultimately insignificant. Much later, when the site has acquired a certain visibility on fairly competitive queries, its owner could well be in for a nice surprise.

A relatively simple solution to implement

Advertising platforms greatly facilitate the implementation of this monetization solution. The management company often provides extensive documentation and you can even benefit from support if you have a telephone advisor. Concretely, it is a question of choosing the type of advertising content that you are ready to broadcast directly on the advertising platform. Then, you will need to create an ads.txt file at the root of your site and insert the advertising code. Some plugins for exampleAdvanced Ads will make your job easier. However, we must not forget the consent banner. By choosing your advertising agency wisely, the latter will provide you with this banner.