Montimbre online: how to print your stamps from the La Poste website?

La Poste evolves with the times and innovates to make things easier for loyal users. For those who continue to send mail in a paper envelope, the century-old operator offers stamp printing. If the idea of ​​publishing your franking stickers yourself appeals to you, here is the procedure to follow.

Discover the benefits of printing your own stamps

Printing postage stamps has been possible since February 5, 2009. This entirely online process offers a number of advantages.

  • Printing your stamps at home saves you the hassle of traveling to the nearest La Poste office or representative. This represents a saving at a time when SP95 gasoline costs 2.03 (e). From a computer, editing takes just 5 minutes and saves you time.
  • This method saves your money on the purchase price. The discount is of the order of 2 to 24 euro cents depending on the type of mail to be sent. A letter with a standard DL envelope (110 x 220 mm) will cost around €0.77 instead of €0.88.
  • You can choose the visual yourself. Which delights philatelists who know how to live with the digital age.
  • In the time of Covid19 and monkeypox, it might be more hygienic to stop licking the stamps.

Have an Internet connection and printing equipment

Before talking about the different stages of printing postage stamps, it is better to discuss the essential materials for this edition.

  • 01 printer connected to a computer or mobile phone is essential. That said, you can also go to a multi-service store or borrow the office’s 3-in-1 photocopier. Black ink may be sufficient, but it is also possible to print the vignettes in four colors.
  • 01 recent version of Adobe Reader is required for some image processing. Sometimes you need to fine-tune your stamps before printing.
  • 01 classic A4 sheet that will need to be cut or paper for self-adhesive labels. The best would be to have a model that does not yet have tracing. That said, it would also be simpler to print the stamp directly on a ready-to-use envelope.
  • 01 credit card is essential for online payment of the service.
  • 01 pair of scissors should make cutting easier if you are printing on A4 or a blank sticker sheet.

Connect to the website and choose the visual

The first thing to do would be to go to the official La Poste website. You can try the link It is also possible to enter a “print postage stamp” type query on a search engine. Once on the home page, you have an explanation in pictures of the procedure to follow. You even have on your left a window dedicated to additional information, in particular on the types of thumbnails that you can edit.

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Go to the “I print my stamps” tab which is at the top of the home page. Which leads you to the visuals of choice. The most recent creations are offered to you. For summer 2022, the images reflect vacations, good weather, relaxation and good humor. However, you can also opt for a pattern that is close to your heart. Among the suggested themes are: black and white drawings, regions of France, cycling, national holidays, ecology, marriage, sports, etc. In this infinite number of possibilities, there are also stamps that you can color yourself.

Specify the different characteristics of your stamp

The stamp is a sort of receipt given in return for a mail service. Its value then changes depending on what you would like to send via the postal circuit. After choosing the visual, you must specify:

  • The shipping location and final destination of your mail. Later, you can also enter the exact address with the district, city, department. Use postal codes.
  • Nature of sending: the letter can be Green (economic), Priority (red and urgent) or Tracked (with location). The latter option is recommended for shipping DVDs or photos.
  • The weight is to be determined by tranche. Choose a tare between 20 g, 100 g or 200 g. Please note that you can send 2 kg mail! The thickness of the envelope must just remain below 3 cm.

Specify the different characteristics of your stamp

At this point you will have to determine the different specifications of your postage stamp. It will then be necessary to specify:

  • The size of the label: there are several predefined formats. Check dimensions from a preview. If you need to print several stickers on a sheet of sticker paper, opt for the 24 format which does exactly 63.5 by 33.9 mm.
  • Quantity: the number of labels must be indicated between 1, 3, 12, 24 or other. You will need to pay attention to this detail since you are paying for parts that will not be immediately essential to you.
  • The arrangement of the stamps on the plate. This step adjusts the print based on the margin. It is advisable to start with the second line if you have a self-adhesive A4 sheet already drawn.

Validate the final version, pay and print

It will not be possible for you to print your stamps without paying the amount corresponding to the labels. Follow the instructions for using the credit card. The process is the same as for online purchases. As a bonus, you have the certainty that your bank details are well kept. La Poste is an institution that has existed since 1879. It has become an independent company since 1991, but security remains one of its founding values.

In short, make the payment by credit card and start printing directly. It is also possible to save the stamps for later use. To do this, right-click the document and tap the floppy disk image. The file will be saved in PDF format. Please remember that each label is intended for single use. Scanned at each stage, the barcode allows postal workers to recognize your sticker among millions of others. Prefer a stick glue to a liquid for greater cleanliness. Finally, remember that La Poste is there to “make life easier”.