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MSI laptop specs, price, release date and news

Powerful, versatile and with the appealing promise of playing PC or Game Pass hits without having to keep an eye out for a shot. The A1M Brand is MSI’s proposition when it comes to taking your game library with you, and the most attractive models offer a processor of Intel Core Ultra 7 155GH Not only does this make a difference from other handheld systems, but it is a statement of intent: if the brand logo is a dragon, This machine is your signature.

The idea of MSI Claw A1M It’s simple: rather than reinventing the wheel, they seek to offer a PC with shapes and console controls that eliminate the disadvantages of laptops one by one by strengthening autonomy, making it more versatile and promoting gaming marathons, offering comfort both in terms of ergonomics and use and without getting too hot. From there, make comparisons to ASUS or Lenovo in your favor.

The next contender to topple Steam Deck or something else? You could say that both machines work for the same thing. However, MSI’s real intentions are to enter a market in which its direct competing manufacturers are already established. Additionally, MSI Claw A1M is looking to have its specs measured against machines like the Asus ROG Ally or the Lenovo Legion Go . Encourage comparisons to be made for the most demanding players and consumers in terms of hardware: PC users.

At a glance, and without taking a look at its specifications, it is undeniable that MSI Claw A1M It looks like a dark gray Asus ROG Ally . Their design is remarkably similar and the button layout is identical. Once you start investigating, the differences between one laptop and another become apparent. To what extent are there margins? We at E.S News have gathered all the information about the MSI Claw A1M in one place.

MSI Claw A1M design and details

That MSI focuses entirely on the Xbox controller when designing the MSI Claw A1M distribution is nothing new to us: they are the standard for PC gaming. The parallels between its facade and the Asus ROG Ally are another story: its two asymmetrical sticks lit in RGB (you can adjust the color and light), its crossbar and its size are identical. Additionally, both systems have the same touchscreen. 7-inch IPS panel and 120Hz refresh rate .

Regarding the buttons, it should be noted that it has a fingerprint reader on the top, as well as two fully programmable buttons on the back. Triggers and analog sticks They bet on the Hall effect (significantly reducing future wear) and, in addition, it has the HD haptic vibration already standardized in laptops.

To be honest, if it weren’t for the MSI Claw A1M’s color, speaker layout, and center button shape, they would be identical to the Asus machine. However, when you look at the MSI alternative and turn it over, the differences start to be noticed. And we are not talking about the dragon logo, but the fact that under its case we find a 53 Wh battery which, on paper, gives us about eight hours of gameplay in economy mode, and if we’re undisciplined, it gives us two hours of gameplay with the quality settings at max. Something other laptops already wanted.

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Inside we see that the battery of the MSI Claw A1M is enormous, but this does not increase the weight too much compared to the Asus ROG Ally (675 grams for the MSI laptop compared to 608 grams for the Asus) . However, the big difference lies in its two possible chips which, together with storage, determine the price difference:

  • The model with Intel Core Ultra 5 processor and 512 GB of storage (worth $699.99 )
  • Models equipped with an Intel Core Ultra 7 processor with 512 GB Intel AI Boost (rated at $749.99 ) and 1 TB ($799.99 )

The $100 difference between the three models is justified and it’s worth investing in something extra: it’s worth noting that it’s the processor. Intel Core Ultra 7 155H what we saw in December 2023, MSI has therefore assembled its machine with the latest technology since its own announcement. And be careful, when it comes to graphics, we’re talking about an Intel Arc.

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We cannot say that it is a lightweight machine, but it is also committed to avoiding overheating thanks to a dual cooling system packed with technology. HyperFlow Cooling Boost which also promises to be very calm. And these are small, but big differences in the gaming experience.

And what about the sound? The speakers, placed on either side and under the screen, are Hi-Res Audio certified. In any case, we have the ever-grateful jack at the top to put in regular headphones or a Bluetooth 5.4 system if we prefer wireless headphones.

Plus, of course, a Type-C port (USB / DP / Thunderbolt 4) which, with its Micro SD card slot, asks PC fans to tinker with their options. As well as opening the door to connecting the MSI Claw A1M itself to an external display to experience a desktop gaming-like experience. However, the most interesting connection is the one we won’t be able to see: MSI is banking on Wi-Fi 7, which translates to speeds of 5.8 GB/s on 5 and 6 GHz connections.

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MSI A1M Hot Shoe Specifications

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There MSI Claw A1M seeks to be the alternative to both the Steam Deck and the Asus ROG Ally, so – failing to put its games to the test – the big differences come from sharing and in an organized way of its specifications which, as you As you can see, they are perfectly aligned with a PC equipped with an Intel processor and graphics card.

Claw – A1M



Operating system

Windows 11 Home


294 x 117 x 21.2mm




  • 7-inch FHD IPS display
  • Resolution 1920 x 1080, 120 Hz
  • Touch


  • Intel Core Ultra 5 processor ($699.99 model)
  • Intel Core Ultra 7 processor ($749.99 and $799.99 models)


Intel Arc Graphics



Storage capacity

1 Ranura M.2 2230 SSD (NVMe PCIe Gen4)


6 cell 53 Wh battery


65W PD adapter


  • Intel Killer BE Wi-Fi 7
  • Bluetooth 5.4


  • 2 2W speakers
  • A jack port for microphone or speakers


  • One Type-C port (USB/DP/Thunderbolt 4) with PD charging
  • A Micro SD card slot


  • Two asymmetrical sticks with Hall effect and RGB lighting
  • Crossbar
  • ABXY buttons with RGB lighting
  • L and R bumpers
  • Hall effect triggers L and R
  • Two customizable rear buttons M1 and M2
  • Display and menu buttons
  • MSI Center Button
  • Quick settings button


HD haptic technology

Release date

Be announced


  • $699.99 with Intel Core Ultra 5 processor and 512 GB storage
  • $749.99 with Intel Core Ultra 7 processor and 512 GB storage
  • $799.99 with Intel Core Ultra 7 processor and 1TB storage

Official site

MSI Claw A1M

Once the MSI Claw A1M is turned on, and if you want to use it as a PC, its screen is not very different from that of a Windows 11 desktop computer. In addition, you will only notice the changes in the settings of the small touch interface with which we can adjust via the options screen or manage the quick settings shortcuts.


In fact, as we mentioned in the specifications, there is a quick configuration button where we can place the functions that we use most frequently, such as Bluetooth, switch between multiple screens, airplane mode or add new functions.

However, the “consolation” philosophy of the MSI Claw A1M implies the MSI Center, which, for practical reasons, is not very different from the Nintendo Switch interface in the sense that we will see the games in the central area and the options and settings below, although with a somewhat more elaborate design.

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In addition, among the accessories announced by MSI, it has been confirmed that, like the Switch or the Steam Deck, the MSI Claw A1M has its own base (MSI Hot Shoe Dock ) which will be sold separately with its own USB-C cable. Although its functions still need to be clarified and whether it will only serve to load or facilitate play on other screens.

And where do the games come from? The MSI Claw A1M unifies Windows and Android game libraries through its MSI App Player application, compatible with Microsoft Game Pass and, as shown in promotional images, with Ubisoft Plus. In addition to all the benefits of Windows 11, of course.

MSI Claw A1M enters the laptop field: what options does it have against Valve, ROG and Lenovo?

The new goal of video game manufacturers this decade is to offer any game in portable format. Nintendo opened the season with Switch and Valve was firmly committed to delivering hardware that would take the Steam platform beyond traditional PCs. Even Sony has its own solution with the PlayStation Portal. And what about Microsoft? In this area, Windows 11, Game Pass and Android OS have become the common denominators of all other systems. Including the MSI Claw A1M.

Unlike the Steam Deck, the MSI Claw A1M lacks trackpads that allow you to skip any Steam game, although it benefits from the standardization of Xbox controls, the enormous presence of Windows and the opportunities that the Android store gives you offers to have access to a solid library, access to huge and current game catalogs. However, it is striking that it is the only alternative in its characteristics that declines AMD solutions for redouble its commitment to Intel both in processors and graphics.

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Unlike systems like the Steam Deck (which is an extension of Steam and its versatility) or the Joy Con type functions of the Lenovo Legion Go; It’s more than clear that the MSI Claw A1M’s goal is to take on the Asus ROG Ally. Playing in the same league in terms of design, features and even screen. With the advantage of offering WiFi 7 and an element that can make a huge difference: the 53 Wh battery of the MSI laptop will allow longer gaming sessions with the highest quality and real marathons if the we demand less from our equipment. At least on paper.

Regardless, the price of MSI Claw A1M It is quite aligned with Steam Deck OLED, Asus ROG Ally. It will be the gaming experience, the ergonomics and its way of offering good performance for longer which will determine the real difference and, by extension, this differentiating factor which makes the MSI alternative the most attractive or, on the contrary, another one. Another alternative to continuing to play our favorite obsessions.