MWC 2024 : les ThinkPad de Lenovo deviennent plus rapides et plus faciles à utiliser

MWC 2024: Lenovo ThinkPads gain speed and ease of use

At Mobile World Congress 2024, Lenovo launched a veritable fireworks display of innovations in wearable technology, far beyond the simple presentation of the concept of its ThinkBook Transparent Display. Indeed, the firm also unveiled major updates to its ThinkPad and ThinkBook range, including laptops and accessories that promise to captivate technology enthusiasts.

Among the new features, three ThinkPad T series models caught our attention: the **ThinkPad T14 Gen 5**, the **ThinkPad T14s Gen 5**, and the **ThinkPad T16 Gen 3**. These machines are equipped with the latest generation processors, offering the choice between Intel Core Ultra CPUs or, for the T14 Gen 5, an AMD Ryzen 8040 option. Their particularity lies in the integration of Lenovo’s “communication bar” . This innovation slightly extends the top of the screen bezel to accommodate the camera and microphones, providing thinner bezels and an optimized aspect ratio, a feature already popular on models such as the X1 Carbon and the X1 Nano.

Notable changes have also been made to the keyboards of this new generation. For example, the **ThinkPad T14 Gen 5** introduces a reworked key layout, including a strategically positioned Copilot key, as well as tactile markings on certain key keys for better accessibility.

In an approach to durability and easier repair, Lenovo has teamed up with iFixit to make it easier to replace certain components on the **ThinkPad T14 Gen 5 and T16 Gen 3**. Now, users will find soldered-free RAM, easily replaceable batteries, and easily accessible SSD and wireless slots. A helping hand for novice repairers comes in the form of QR codes directing them to video tutorials for each replaceable component.

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As for detachable devices, the **ThinkPad X12 detachable Gen 2** promises lightness, performance, and connectivity with its high-end components and 4G LTE support. While mobility enthusiasts will appreciate the adjustments made to the ThinkBook 14 2-in-1, such as an enlarged touchpad and reduced key travel for greater comfort.

Accessories are not left out with the presentation of the **ThinkVision M14t Gen 2 Mobile** touch monitor and a Slim USB-C docking station, extending the possibilities for professional and personal use.

For enthusiasts wishing to acquire these new features, Lenovo announces gradual availability on the market from April 2024. Prices vary depending on models and configurations, with a starting range set at $949 for the AMD option of the ThinkPad T14 Gen 5, and climbing up to $1,199 for Intel configurations. Other products, such as the ThinkBook and the USB-C docking station, will appear in March 2024, promising a year full of new technologies.