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My IP: where to find your public IP address and private IP address?

If, like many people, you don’t yet know your public IP address and your private IP address, then you’ve come to the right place. This article gives the definitions of these two concepts and explains how to find them. Follow the leader.

A public IP address you say?

Before going any further, be aware that sites such as instantly give you your IP address. All you have to do is go to the platform to get the series of numbers that identifies you. This being said, your connection box has its own code. Usually, it is a series of 4 numbers from 0 to 255 separated by dots. Since it is your public IP address, its role is to allow other remote computers to recognize your Internet anchor details. gives a public IP address that servers and all terminals involved in your web browsing recognize. This series of numbers represents the digital portal that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) assigns to you. Rest assured, the term “public” does not mean that each of your actions on the Internet remains transparent. IPv4 technology protects your privacy in a variety of ways, including subaddresses that remain confidential.

Multiple private IP addresses

Your ISP’s Box constitutes a sort of portal. Its public IP address faces the outside. Then, another protocol is also available for the internal connection. In fact, each of the devices connected to the Internet, via Wifi or by cable must also have its own identifier. These are the private IP addresses. remains the appropriate tool for finding the digital coordinates of each terminal. That said, this platform is not the only one to offer this service.

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You can find out the private IP address of your phone on, or In the same category, sites such as And will be able to help you. Some are in English, but the numbers remain universal.

Other methods to find Internet contact details

Certain widgets have the merit of providing insight into the IP address of a website. In the past, this was one of the most popular methods for finding contact details on the Internet. This was before the appearance of older generation IP trackers such as,, or Currently, recognizing the protocol address of your box remains simpler. You need to go to the settings to view the information (Services/Internet Access/Internet connection status).

On Windows 7 and earlier versions you will know the IP address of your computer using the “cmd/k ipconfig/all” command. You must copy it to the search bar opened by the start button. Don’t forget to validate to have the MSDOS type dialog box. For certain editions of the Microsoft operating system, you must enter the “winipcfg” command. If you need the exact private IP address, try “ipconfig/all”. On Windows 10, you just have to go to the taskbar and click on the connection icon. Private IPv4 information is displayed.

For Mac OS users

Apple computer owners can also go to tracking sites to find their public or private IP address. As on Windows, internal methods exist for them. Concretely, they need to open the “System Preferences” menu. It’s the apple icon on the left of their screen. You will then need to select “Network”.

Next, you must choose an active connection. The device’s private IP address is instantly displayed on the right side of the monitor. Sometimes commands like “” can work on iOS mobiles. You will then have to use the utility called Terminal which is located in the Applications folder.