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Neko Sama (French Anime): The official URL address of the site in [month] [year]

At a time when cultural consumption is increasingly practiced by Internet users, there are many streaming sites on the web. Some of them specialize in specific themes. Notably Neko Sama, a streaming site that focuses more on Japanese anime and manga. We have gathered all the information you should know about this streaming platform.

Unlike other streaming sites, Neko Sama is not suitable for the general public. With manga and anime of very good quality, it has become essential for fans and enthusiasts. But how does it work? Is it legal and are there any risks when visiting the site? What is the official address of the site? We tell you everything about Neko Sama, the reference in free streaming manga.

What is Neko Sama?

If you are reading this article, it is because you are a fan of Japanese manga or anime. Neko Sama offers content of all kinds, in other words copies or trad scans of the most popular and most followed anime and manga of the moment. By visiting the site, you will have access to premium anime categories like Full Metal Alchemist or Naruto.

On Neko Sama, the French streaming site specially designed for manga lovers, the content is very vast and is offered to you in VF or VOSTFR. The most popular Japanese anime are available in just a few clicks and are updated regularly to offer Internet users recent streaming, but also in full HD. We can only advise you to be careful because if you enter the site and watch an episode, you may never stop watching it.

How Neko Sama Works

The latest and most popular anime are available for free on Neko Sama. The site offers free access to all popular manga from a more functional and practical interface. This will make it easier for you to find your favorite manga. Small disadvantage of the site: it does not have an internal search engine. You can only search page by page.

Like all free streaming sites, Neko Sama collects all the information relating to each video and presents it in the form of a technical sheet including the video format, broadcast date, summary, tags, as well as episode details. . However, you will need to give permission to unblock ads before you can watch an anime or manga on Neko Sama. This is a mandatory step if you want to take full advantage of the videos available on the site. If you think that with this setting, ads will invade your viewing, you are wrong. Neko Sama is pretty reasonable when it comes to ads, although sometimes it takes several clicks before the ads disappear.

The official address of Neko Sama in 2022

Compared to streaming sites dedicated to films and series, Neko Sama is not yet in the authorities’ sights. The least we can say is that the site does not attract too much attention from rights holders.

You can therefore rest assured because the creators of Neko Sama do not need to regularly change the site address. And this is rather good news for fans and lovers of Japanese manga and anime.

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To access Neko Sama, the address to type in your search bar is: Once on the site, you must be vigilant. If a request for registration or a bank card number appears, you are not on the right site. This is probably a fake site.

Is Neko Sama consultation legal?

If we tell you that Neko Sama is legal, it is a complete lie. So there’s no point in lying to yourself about it. The content listed on the site is protected by copyright. On the one hand, the Neko Sama site is not necessarily illegal. On the other hand, the videos offered on the site are, for the most part, illegal. If, however, you find that watching streaming on Neko Sama is wrong and if you want to enforce the law at all costs, the best thing to do is to turn to legal video platforms. So you can watch and enjoy your manga with complete peace of mind.

Are there any risks when consulting Néko Sama?

Since the site itself offers illegal content and does not respect copyright or the legislation governing the distribution of videos on the web, connecting to the site constitutes a failure to comply with the law in force. The risks are indeed potential if you decide to consult Neko Sama. And even if HADOPI (High Authority for the Dissemination of Works and the Protection of Rights on the Internet) seems not to be interested in streaming, the time to hunt will soon come. So, in order to avoid risks, it is better to connect with a VPN or proxy before watching any manga on Neko Sama. With this type of tool, you guarantee your anonymity on the web.

The advertisements that appear on the site are also worth looking at more closely. Some of them can provide a tunnel or channel for malware to collect your data and even infect your computer. It is wiser not to upload any content, or even provide any information about yourself.

Alternatives to Neko Sama

Neko Sama is inaccessible? Can’t find the episode you’re looking for? Don’t panic, even if the site doesn’t work, there are other alternatives to Neko Sama, other streaming sites which offer very good quality Japanese manga and anime, whether in VF or VOSTFR.

The first solution available to you is undoubtedly legal, but paid, sites. Notably Netflix, ADN, Crunchyroll, or even Wakanim.

The second option is to turn to other free, but illegal, streaming sites. You can in fact go to Vostfree which is a reference in terms of free manga and anime streaming. Its home page is of very high quality and it allows for smoother navigation through the different categories available on the site.

Otherwise, if you want to benefit from a very rich catalog in VF and VOSTFR, you can always use Mavanimes. This is a site whose system is very sophisticated, except that the advertisements are very numerous. Furthermore, security problems may arise, since the site is not HTTPS enabled.

Finally, we suggest you discover the French Anime site. It is more recent, but is better known to fans of Japanese manga and anime. Its official address is and it offers a catalog of mangas in VF and VOSTFR of high quality.