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Net Entreprises: what is the Net Entreprise site and what is it used for?

To concentrate on their core business, many entrepreneurs would have preferred to bypass periodic declarations. Fortunately, the Net Entreprises portal alleviates these obligations. From the hiring procedure to dismissal formalities, including monthly social contributions, this platform makes things easier for companies, associations or communities. We tell you everything there is to know about the website.

The Net Entreprises site, official portal for online declarations

Https:// is the official site for online social declarations. This portal offers to simplify the various procedures for contributions. The platform opens to all kinds of structures. Self-employed people used this address before being redirected directly to the URSAAF website. On the other hand, more and more single-member companies with EIRL and EI status are using it.

Well known to self-employed workers and those who are liberal professionals, Net Entreprises is also open to medium-sized companies such as SARL or EURL. There are even SAS simplified stock companies among its regulars. The site is popular with agents. These professionals sometimes work for multinationals based abroad, but which have at least one employee declared in France. is the official portal for associations. This platform is even suitable for communities which must also make declarations and pay contributions for the health coverage and retirement of their agents. There is only one condition for using this online tool. You must have a SIRET number. The 14 identification digits of the entity issued by INSEE serve as a key for opening an account on the site.

A platform that has existed for over 20 years

The creation of Net Entreprises dates back to September 2000. The platform was created thanks to the Public Interest Group for the Modernization of Social Declarations (GIP-MDS). Currently, the platform has 3 million subscribers. These are essentially French companies, but also subsidiaries of multinationals and other structures.

Around twenty different declarations can be made from Net Entreprises. This site has set itself the mission of making these administrative obligations less restrictive. Its interface has been very intuitive since its creation. There was a slight rejuvenation in 2017, then in 2020, but the handling remains very simple, even for an entrepreneur unaccustomed to the Internet.

The declarations portal is accessible from a Smartphone, a tablet and a PC. In addition to basic services, additional services, including user support, are offered. There is also a newsletter and other potentially useful content for the entrepreneur. Indeed, part of the site is devoted to news. This allows subscribers to stay up to date with the latest reforms.

Simplified registration on this platform

The user who wants to register on Net Entreprises must have their SIRET. To open an account, you must enter this sequence of 14 digits, the company name and a password. You will then need to click on the “Register” tab. The platform requires essential data to create a user profile. After filling in the various information in the form, you must wait for validation.

The Net Entreprises account is validated within approximately 24 hours. This step allows you to reach personal space. This area includes the history of social declarations already made. This interface also helps the entrepreneur remember the different deadlines to avoid any late penalties. All user categories have their own sections.

These are :

  • Private companies and third-party reporters
  • Administration and communities
  • Self-employed workers and liberal professionals

DPAE or pre-employment declaration

When an employer recruits an employee, he must make the pre-employment declaration within 8 days following the agreement. The DPAE is a formality to be completed at the latest during the trial period. The objective of such an approach is to simplify the registration of the newly recruited person. To be done with the URSSAF, this step includes 5 distinct tasks:

  • The employer must declare the hiring in the establishment.
  • You must request registration with the general Social Security system.
  • The new recruit is to be integrated into unemployment insurance.
  • The new worker must also benefit from a professional health service.
  • Occupational medicine should carry out a compulsory medical examination.

The DPAE declaration can be made by the employer or his agent. In both cases, it is possible to enter the form on screen (EFI). Each box must be completed one after the other. A second method consists of submitting a structured file exported from payroll software (EDI) compatible with the Net Entreprises interface.

DSN or nominative social declaration

As part of the entrepreneur’s daily tasks, the nominative social declaration or DSN is obligatory throughout the private sector. Established since 2017, this formality concerns employees of the general system and agricultural operators. It extends to the public service from 2022. In all cases, the business manager must complete it every month.

The aim of the DSN is to provide complete information on the social situation of each employee in a company. It is a register which lists the events affecting the employee. This could be days off taken or a work accident, for example. The objective of such a provision is to better adapt the protection of the employee from a social point of view.

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Some profiles are excluded from the obligation to establish a monthly nominative social declaration:

  • Individual employers.
  • Entities from the public service.
  • Businesses in overseas communities and Monaco.

Instead of the DSN, they will have to submit the DADS-U, an annual declaration of unified social data. Professionals in the primary sector are required to contribute to their Mutualité sociale Agricole or MSA.

DAT, work accident declarations

A work accident can occur at the employee’s workstation or during the journey to it. In both cases, the employer must report the incident within 48 hours. This procedure is to be done on Net Entreprises using predefined forms. Technically, there are two information grids to fill out:

  • 01 declaration of work or travel accident for recordings.
  • 01 accident sheet which allows the employee to benefit from adequate care.

The two documents are qualitative and complementary. Attachments such as the x-ray for example can be added. In all cases, this information is essential to the CPAM. In fact, the primary health insurance fund covers incidents occurring at work or during transport. A salary certificate must be provided to calculate the daily allowance following a work stoppage.

DÆ, the formality for posting abroad

The DAE is a declaration that must be made so that an employee who is abroad as part of their work can benefit from French social protection. This process can be done while sending the employee to their assigned post. It can also be carried out for an employee who is already outside the national territory, but whose mission is extended.

The work abroad in question should last a maximum of 3 months. This one-quarter period also applies to staff already abroad who benefit from an extension of mission. This form should be sent to the Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie before the departure date. As a result, the employee benefits from a national social protection system during his stay abroad.

Before the creation of the Net Entreprises platform, this type of formality must be carried out by mail. We had to wait for the letter from the employer to arrive by post or via email for social security coverage outside the national territory to take effect. Fully digital procedures save time in addition to being flexible and immediate.

Case of foreign companies with employees in France

Companies domiciled outside France, but which have employees in France must also make social declarations. These are commercial brands, major brands, subsidiaries or other forms of establishment dependent on a parent company located abroad. The employer must therefore complete form E0.

Registration on Net Entreprises is done after obtaining a SIRET number. It is on this condition that the URSSAF initiates administrative procedures within the INSSE, the Pôle emploi and with the DDTEFP. This is the Departmental Directorate of Labor, Employment and Vocational Training. Employees of companies based abroad are also affiliated to CARSAT or the Retirement Insurance and Occupational Health Fund.

In certain situations, form E2/E4 must be completed. This is the declaration document for foreign companies without any establishment on the national territory, but which still have a French registration number.

Situations for employers under the C3S regime

The C3S declaration is an obligation for companies whose status is governed by article L.137-30 of the Social Security Code. These companies achieved a turnover excluding tax of more than 19 million euros in the previous fiscal year. The formality should be carried out annually online on before May 17.

As part of a C3S declaration, the employer or his representative must enter the information directly on the screen according to the EFI procedure. At the same time, this administrator must pay a payment exclusively remotely or electronically. This step requires the transmission of bank details.

Full details of the C3S declaration can be found in the corresponding dashboard. This is a system put in place since 1992 in anticipation of the retirement of certain employees whose employer is experiencing a highly competitive situation. It is also one of the many contribution formulas deployed by the URSSAF.

Particularity of medical professions

Contracted medical practitioners and auxiliaries are subject to the PAMC regime. Whether they are in the liberal profession or as a self-employed business manager, they must make an appropriate declaration to the platform. Since 2019, this social obligation and the related contribution must be done exclusively remotely. Concretely, the PAMC declaration affects:

  • General practitioners
  • Sector 1 specialists (reimbursed by Social Security)
  • Dental surgeons
  • Nurses
  • Midwives
  • Physiotherapists
  • Speech therapists,
  • Orthopedists
  • Pedicures
  • Podiatrists

Alternatives to Net Entreprises services

For their part, micro-entrepreneurs can pay their social security contributions on the website. They will be able to use the AutoEntrepreneur Urssaf mobile application. This program is available for Smartphones running Android and iOS. It allows you to pay social security contributions electronically. A personal space is also available to users.

On the URSAAF website, taxpayers benefit from help with account management, a reminder of the regulations and the calendar. In addition to the newsletter, it is possible to obtain answers to specific questions.

Micro-entrepreneurs can benefit from unemployment insurance, occupational health coverage and other protections. They are also entitled to monitoring during the formation of their company, the expansion of activities, the hiring of staff or payroll. Construction professionals, entertainment workers, notaries and professions related to these sectors can obtain information directly from URSAAF.