RTX 3080: epic success for the latest from NVidia

photo de la carte graphique RTX 3080

Available for just a few days at a price of 719 euros, the Nvidia RTX 3080 is already enjoying incredible success, going so far as to go out of stock just a few hours after its official launch in the United States but also in France. The phenomenal power of this graphics card has created incredible enthusiasm among gamers but

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Gambling: Gaming circles appeal to everyone in Paris

photo d'un club de jeu à paris

To better regulate the legal aspect of gambling in Paris, a legal framework was applied as of January 1, 2018. Following this, many clubs opened their doors to aficionados of gambling and other fun games. Since the establishment of this legal framework dating from 2 years ago as of the writing of this article, gaming clubs are attractive And some

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Despite growing success in 2020, online casinos remain banned

illustration des jeux d'argent en ligne

Strictly regulated and prohibited since 1836, games of money and chance remain, with some exceptions, a state monopoly. we had to wait almost 180 years for the law of May 12, 2010 to finally authorize this market to open up to competition. That being said, this breach will only have benefited 3 types of games: sports betting, horse racing betting

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Online Casino: Reliable or to Avoid?

casino online

In the small world of gambling, and more particularly with regard to online casinos, a question arises repeatedly: are these online casinos really as reliable as physical casinos? This is a subject to which we will attempt to provide an answer in the remainder of this article. To begin with, it is important to know that until 2010, online casinos

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The “Spot’s Rampage” art project comes to a catastrophic end!

boston dynamics spot

It’s happening. We’re getting closer and closer to seeing robots malfunction in the real world and cause real damage. A good omen of this future appeared recently when the artistic experiment, “Spot’s Rampage,” ended in disaster. The project involved internet users controlling a Boston Dynamics robot dog and the paintball gun attached to it. The plan meant things were going

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3.6 million websites offline after OVH data center fire

photo de l'incendie de OVH

Around 3.6 million websites across 464,000 distinct domains were taken offline after a major fire last night at an OVHcloud data center in Strasbourg. More than 18% of IP addresses assigned to OVH on web servers – which occurred two weeks ago – were no longer responding at 06:00-07:15 UTC this morning. Fortunately, everyone is safe and sound, but OVH

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All our advice for choosing an antivirus and understanding their features


Protection against malware, spyware and adware Summer brings extreme weather conditions that are tough on people and their computers. A power outage caused by a heatwave can damage an aging power supply, as can a power surge caused by lightning. A tornado ? Hopefully you will find your PC intact! There’s not much you can do about this kind of

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The CBD Expo will be held from October 16 to 18 in Paris

cbd expo 2021

The CBD Expo will be held from October 16 to 18 in Paris After being postponed for an indefinite date, The CBD Expo will finally be held in Paris from October 16 to 18. A meeting that professionals but also consumers of CBD products are impatiently awaiting. Below are the details. A first edition which will have gone through many

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Tesla protects itself against modifications Ingenext


While for a long time, Tesla was little concerned with reprogramming and modifications carried out by car preparers. The manufacturer has now put in place protection to avoid increasing the power released by its Model 3 Dual Motor. Bad news for those who were planning to entrust their Tesla to Ingenext. Ingenext in Tesla’s crosshairs Ingenext, a Quebec company, has

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Outsourcing: What if you gave yourself peace of mind?


Outsourcing, a word, or rather a profession which is reminiscent of the fact that the outsourcing of the technical management of its server or its IT equipment must be entrusted to a team of professionals. This is even more true when these infrastructures are vital to a company’s activity. If you are not yet familiar with the principle of outsourcing

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Marketing Agency: Why use their services?

agence marketing

First of all, for those who do not yet know the role of a marketing agency, it is a specialized branch derived from the communications agency (comms agency for short). It is intended to support businesses, communities, associations but also liberal activities as well as the development and deployment of a targeted marketing strategy in line with the client’s needs

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L3Pilot: Autonomous driving and automotive collaboration

l3 pilot

3Pilot claims to be Europe’s first experimental project for on-road self-driving cars. Last week, the project’s four years of development were put to the test on the roads of Hamburg at the ITS Congress event. The L3Pilot project is the result of collaboration extended across the entire automotive industry, from government authorities to car manufacturers and from research institutes to

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What are the main levers you can use to develop your professional career?

carriere professionnelle

As we all know, this period punctuated by the Covid-19 epidemic has been tough for many employees and rightly so, many people are currently looking to boost their professional careers. Do you also want to develop your career and give new impetus to your professional prospects? or simply need to change direction for new horizons? Well, that’s pretty good because

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Mozilla releases Firefox 95 with security improvements


Mozilla released Firefox 95 with new features in the area of ​​performance and stability, although the strong point comes from the security section with the new sandboxing technology, RLBox. . The new major version of Mozilla’s web browser, the only one to be open source and not to use the Chromium engine among the three major developments, has improved memory

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