Ninja Kamui veut devenir le nouveau phénomène de l'industrie

Ninja Kamui wants to become the new industry phenomenon

It seemed like the 2024 anime slate couldn’t get any better, but Adult Swim just came at the perfect time to add a new project that aims pretty high: Ninja Kamui . After his stint in Jujutsu Kaisen and Monsters the spin-off of One Piece which will be released in the coming days, Shungoo Park sets a release date for its most ambitious production to date.

It will be on February 11 that it will land on MAX, the new Warner platform which will replace the current HBO Max. Ninja Kamui introduces us to Joe Higan, a retired ninja who has decided to move away from violence and live in a rural area of ​​the United States.

However, several assassins find his whereabouts and destroy his years-long efforts in seconds. This causes Higan, with immense bloodlust, to seek revenge on all the family and friends he lost along the way, thus beginning a path full of excessive violence that he hopes to end sooner rather than later. possible.

And although its premiere is scheduled for early February, it is possible that its arrival in some countries like Spain will be late. The reason? MAX will only arrive in our territory in April and, as has happened with other productions, it is possible that they will not arrive in our country until April, the month in which the name change will finally take place.

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