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NordVPN: our insights into the supposed best VPN of 2022

Hackers aren’t the only ones who want to intrude into your digital life. The government and businesses are also keeping an eye on you. The use of a virtual private network or VPN becomes a priority to preserve the confidentiality of your data and the security of your exchanges. NordVPN offers you to surf the Net in total anonymity. Its encrypted navigation channel protects you from prying eyes and modifies your IP address to avoid any form of repression. However, this paid service is far from unanimously appreciated, in particular because of the slowdown in the connection. Based on a test undertaken by us, this article invites you to see more clearly.

What pragmatism for NordVPN?

Published by Tefincom, NordVPN appeared in 2012. This communication tunnel protects your browsing from Google Chrome and Mozilla. It is also available in a mobile version. Its lightweight style allows for hassle-free use. On PC as for Smartphone, the interface remains almost the same. A secure connection activation button is provided by the publisher. Either way, the software chooses the closest VPN server itself.

The NordVPN user also has the option of choosing the server from which they wish to connect. He just has to click on a place on the world map. A search bar is provided for this purpose. The software shows in real time the speed at which incoming and outgoing packets are flowing.

Does this VPN reduce your connection speed?

NordVPN is not the only one to significantly reduce connection speed. When you activate it, the performance of your upload drops by 60%. Latency is 70%. It’s enough to lose at a video game or communicate by videoconference. The delay is clearly visible. Be aware, however, that other VPN software slows down your system more.

With NordVPN you have two kinds of protocols. One is open source (OpenVPN). It has the particularity of promptly detecting possible problems. The other supports IKEv2/IPSec. It is a reference in terms of browsing under a private network. This is the recommended solution for different versions of the software.

Is this service slower than other VPNs?

For some time now, Tefincom has also been testing the PC protocol, WireGuard, which is compatible with the iPhone. Although in development, it is already showing promising results. Here is a small table to give you an idea of ​​its performance:

NordVPN PrivateVPN ExpressVPN ProtonVPN

Connection speed

6730 Mbps

3320 Mbps

2320 Mbps

1600 Mbps

Number of servers

5100 +




How many servers does the service provider have?

NordVPN is operational in 59 countries where it has on-site servers. This is different from HMA which claims to cover 190 countries, but actually does so in 59 states. A good portion of NordVPN’s users are in the United States and Great Britain. That said, the rest of Europe is also covered. Please remember that it is mainly customers who demand confidentiality who rely on the protection of this encrypted tunnel. Then, the clientele is also located in South America, Africa, on the Indian peninsula and in the Middle East.

nord vpn servers

The VPN claims to have 5,300 dedicated physical servers. For reference, CyberGhost is number 1 in the world in terms of coverage with 5900 units. Sufficient in number not to saturate quickly, NordVPN installations are scattered so as to allow transit to different regions of the planet. Customers living in areas where the Internet is censored will be able to count on the effectiveness of the fake IP system and data encryption.

What about the security of the platform?

Unlike some of its competitors, NordVPN only records one incident. It was in 2018 when one of its servers in Finland encountered a problem when hackers managed to find a flaw. The hacker took the time to monitor the traffic passing through the machine before using TLS keys. He thus perpetrated a “man-in-the-middle” attack. That said, any damage caused by this intrusion remains insignificant and is quickly forgotten.

Faced with a possible vulnerability in its installations, the NordVPN publisher has taken corrective measures. A troubleshooting program was launched after the interception by the alleged hacker. Managers have strengthened infrastructures by ceasing collaboration with unreliable Data Centers. A single attack mobilized security teams who remained on alert for more than a year.

Does your data remain completely confidential?

NordVPN is run by a company legally based in Panama. This country is known for its privileges. It does not require Internet operators to retain data regarding activities. Moreover, the company’s executives have already indicated that they will do nothing if a government requires it to disclose information about their customers. In addition to identity, the nature of traffic, bandwidth consumed and IP addresses are kept in absolute confidentiality.

The platform barely keeps track of the number of users as well as the duration of the session. These details are also deleted 15 minutes after the connection ends. To date, NordVPN assures that it has not succumbed to the temptation of selling data, even anonymous data, to third-party companies, in this case advertisers. Until proven otherwise, its business model is based exclusively on subscriptions. If a leak occurs, those responsible undertake to inform those concerned in complete transparency. In short, these are the usual promises in the profession.

What makes this provider different?

NordVPN offers a whole range of additional tools. These are options to better preserve confidentiality.

  • The subscription gives access to the Tor network, another system for maintaining total anonymity. Only 2 providers have the authority to provide this privilege.
  • Double VPN is a “multihop” feature: you have an alternative connection if the main channel is unmasked by your trackers.
  • With the “CyberSec” tool, you are protected from malicious websites. You have the NordLocker virtual safe. The NordPass password manager follows you everywhere.

What about subscription prices?

All services are accessible with a subscription of €10.64/month. You can benefit from preferential pricing with a long-term contract. The year of secure browsing will cost you around €6.22/month, the saving is equivalent to 41%. The price even drops to €3.11 if you commit to three years. The discount reaches almost 70%. Either way, customers get a one-month free trial. They can also request a refund in the event of dissatisfaction.

For comparison, here are the prices of subscriptions from the main VPN providers:

NordVPN SurfShark ExpressVPN PureVPN ProtonVPN CyberGohst
€10.64/month €2.15/month €7.42/month €2.59/month €4/month €1.90/month

So, what is our verdict?

The (+)

King of communication, NordVPN is indeed an excellent VPN. It offers a wide range of services commensurate with its price, which remains the most expensive on the market. The customer can secure 6 devices simultaneously. These are PCs, Macs or Linux devices. Mobiles running Android and iOS are also protected. Smart TVs are also protected against possible spyware, especially if you browse Neflix US.

THE (-)

You must have a three-year subscription to benefit from a price equivalent to other providers. We find that the additional features are not numerous enough for applied billing. Transparency is not the strong point of the company publishing this Internet security solution. It waited months before revealing the incident in its Finnish servers. This VPN is in the crosshairs of totalitarian countries, namely China, Iran and North Korea.

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