Odigo: The leading CCAAS platform in its field

Leader in the field of contact center platforms, Odigo is a solution based entirely on the cloud. It allows businesses and administrations to optimize the management of their customer relationship centers thanks to numerous innovations and the power of the cloud. What are the advantages of the Odigo solution and associated services? We find out later in this article!

Optimize thecustomer engagement is nowadays essential for the development of a business. This makes it possible to promote brand image but also to maintain customer engagement. Benefit from the experience of one of the market leaders and ensure you collaborate with a cloud and AI is a serious asset.

Beyond the contact center management solution, Odigo also offers dashboards that can be configured as desired and customizable according to the needs of each company in order to ensure effective management of the activity. You will be able to find the essential data for your activity at a glance, without getting lost in a multitude of irrelevant information. Your customer relationship will only be improved.

Odigo: What are the advantages of this CCaaS platform?

The Odigo solution offers many advantages. It allows companies as well as administrations to manage all possible communication channels through which the customer comes into contact with the company. Social networks, email, chat, telephone and much more, each communication channel is covered and visible in a single space. This 360° vision guarantees contact center supervisors having all the metrics such as abandonment rate, number of calls, average handling time, etc. for managing actions.

For more than 25 years, Odigo has been supporting companies to improve their customer relationships using automated solutions, thanks to voice recognition, biometrics and behavioral targeting. These innovations make it possible to offer the best possible experience to brands and their customers. This also allows advisors to focus on actions with higher added value.

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Optimized management and feedback offer, as you will have understood, numerous advantages to boost the satisfaction of your customers and the performance of your communications channels. One more reason to discover the 100% cloud offer offered by Odigo!