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One Piece streaming: how to watch this anime live on the internet?

After the comics and the manga series, “One Piece” will soon arrive in the flesh in the cinema. While waiting to discover the new adventures of Luffy and his friends on the big screen, you can watch their treasure quest in streaming. Here are 3 places to watch more than 1000 episodes of this Japanese anime.

Watch “One Piece” on Anime Digital Network (ADN)

Enjoying a certain popularity among French Internet users, the Animal Digital Network platform suggests several mangas, including “One Piece”. Some 1019 episodes are available on ADN. The latter offers Japanese anime in several languages. In addition to videos on demand, new issues straight from Toei Animation studios are broadcast every Sunday morning at 9 a.m.

From their Smartphone, fans of the animated series can follow Luffy’s adventures on the ocean of the Grand Line aboard the Straw Hat. This pleasure is shared with owners of Android TV and Apple TV. Those who prefer streaming from an internet-connected PC will also be able to enjoy it from any browser.

Anime Digital Network is not free. This legal platform offers a monthly subscription for €6.99. This is the price for 720 p high definition sequences. The price rises to €9.99 per month for 1080 p HD viewing. You should consider making a quarterly subscription to benefit from a discount.

Follow the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy on Crunchyroll

Experiencing growing popularity, Crunchyroll is a benchmark in video on demand. The American VOD site devotes its entire media library to anime. All episodes of “One Piece” are available for download on the platform. It is also possible to watch them in streaming. They are compatible with all types of mobile, fixed or Chromecast screens.

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The new numbers offered in simulcast will delight fans of the animated series for relaxing Sunday mornings. They will be able to see the previous 1000 episodes in the original version with French subtitles (VOSTFR). Purists know how much better manga are with typical Japanese intonation.

The 102 volumes of the comic strip already adapted for the small screen can be viewed without any advertising on Crunchyroll for 4.99 euros per month. The journey of Luffy and his crew is available in HD for those who subscribe to the subscription. The free mode also exists, but with low resolution and many advertising interruptions.

See the king of manga on Funimation

A subsidiary of Sony Pictures, Funimation is a leading video-on-demand site. Internet users will be able to access this platform from the Web or a Smartphone. It is possible to watch “One Piece” from the PlayStation or Xbox home console. For all media, entry is set at 5.99 euros per month.

For the price of a sandwich and a soda, you can access a wide range of manga. In addition to animated series, films can be viewed on SVOD. However, this address is restricted in certain countries. You will need to subscribe to a VPN or change the IP address to be able to benefit from it.

To talk about “One Piece”, the manga has been adapted for cinema more than 5 times. The first edition was released in 2009, 10 years after the publication of the original comic in Japan. In 2023, Luffy will be played on the big screen by Mexican Inaki Godoy. His archenemy Zoro is carried by Mackenyu Arata while Jacob Romeo Gibson takes on the role of Usopp.