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Online banks: who are the best performers in 2022?

It was at the very beginning of 2000 that the emergence of online banks began. At the time, the advantages of virtual agencies were numerous, including lower banking fees, innovative payment methods as well as the dematerialization of operations making their use easier and more accessible.

In the best of all worlds that is that of theory, online banks then prided themselves on offering innovative services, fewer charges, while retaining the strengths of the big banks. In reality what is it? 22 years later, while the offerings of “physical” banks are getting closer and closer to those of online banks, do the latter still have arguments that deserve attention?

So many questions that deserve to be explored further in the remainder of this article. So let’s leave without further delay, discover the best online banks of 2022!

What are the 3 best online banks in 2022?

Before delving into the subject, let’s make a list of the online banks that we have selected for this year 2022. These are the banks most reputable among their users and which therefore deserve attention. interested :

  1. Fortuneo
  2. Boursorama Bank
  3. Hello Bank

Fortuneo, a perfect online bank for Geeks and globetrotters


Fortuneo, which is a subsidiary of Crédit Mutuel Arkéa, has many advantages and serious advantages over its competitors. Particularly with its Fosfo card which offers many advantages and is, as its name suggests… phosphorescent!

Let’s move on from this argument, as futile as it is useless, the Fosfo card offers the possibility of withdrawal from distributors at no additional cost. A point to take into account because let’s not forget, other banks like N26 charge this type of withdrawal or impose a ceiling like for example Revolut, whose free monthly threshold is 200 euros before increasing to 2% of the amount took of.

The Fosfo card is a Mastercard with systematic authorization and as a result, you can benefit from the virtual card generator (randomized number with each purchase) via a dedicated application. Enough to secure your purchases on the internet unlike so-called static virtual cards, like those issued by Revolut.

Opening a Fosfo account does not require proof of regular income or any savings. Only a first payment of €300 will be required when opening said account. Once the latter has been validated, you will have access to numerous functions linked to your bank card, such as for example the modification of the limits of your credit card, the opposition as well as virtual cards. You will also have access to a plethora of offers and services such as credits, savings and an overdraft authorization which can be assigned to you after a certain observation period. Important point of detail, Fosfo is also compatible with mobile and contactless payment services Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.

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Concerning credit offers, Fortuneo is a partner with Younited Crédit, which means that you will be able to take out a personal loan online with a generally favorable response within 24 hours.

Boursorama Banque, the best alternative to Fortuneo

boursorama bank

It has been 24 years since Boursorama originally debuted on the market as a site specializing in monitoring quotes and stock markets. Although its past is still relevant today, it was in 2005 that Boursorama bank opened its doors as a bank in its own right. And for those who do not yet know, Boursorama bank is a subsidiary of Société Générale and as a result, is able to offer services that match its means.

In the same way as its direct competitor, Fortuneo, Boursorama Banque has made sure to reduce as much as possible, or even eliminate bank charges! At Boursorama, the bank card is free, including in its so-called “gold” version, provided however that you can prove at least a monthly income of 1000 euros net for access to the Visa Classic up to 1800 euros for a Visa Gold.

However, since the arrival of other neobanks, Boursomrama has aligned itself and now provides access to two offers without income conditions, namely the Ultim and Welcome offers. However, these offers require an initial payment of 100 euros for the Welcome and 500 euros for the Ultim.

Also note that Boursorama cards are also compatible with the following mobile payment solutions: Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Paylib, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay.

Hello Bank, the best online bank for mobile use

hellko bank

Before the arrival of neobanks, Hello Bank was, in its time, the very first online bank to offer full access to its services on mobile. A subsidiary of BNP Paribas, its offers are of the same ilk as its competitors, although more dedicated to an audience of young professionals. Among the offers they offer, we find the Hello one offer, offering an account and a free bank card with the only condition of access being being able to prove a monthly income of 1000 euros.

Among the practical details, Hello Bank allows the deposit of checks and cash in NBP Paribas group ATMs. Practical and unlimited, this is good news for self-employed people and itinerant traders who may find themselves having to regularly deposit cash or having to easily collect payments by check. Compatible with mobile payment methods, it remains however restricted to Apple Pay and Paylib services.

Other banks like BforBank Or Monabanq are also worth a look, although with a reservation on the services they offer, which are much less complete than the 3 online banks that we have selected for this article.